Facilities and Such


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

Well, it seems as though so much has happened since my last blog entry way back on September 4.  It’s hard to believe that it’s already September 17 and we’re a couple of weeks into the new year, but it is typical.  The fall is packed with so many games in such a short period of time that it always seems to fly right by and the next thing you know it’s ODAC Tournament time and then Thanksgiving arrives.

I hope that you have been enjoying reading the blog entries from a number of different personalities within the department.  My goal is to give everyone a look around the department to give you a better understanding of what it is like on the inside.  We are all sort of doing our own things, but in the end it is for one common goal.

I was doing some thinking this morning about what I wanted to say this week and my thoughts drifted to a harmless comment that was made just before the women’s soccer game yesterday against Sweet Briar.

Watt Field

Watt Field

We haven’t announced it yet, but we have a new men’s basketball assistant coach named Caleb Kimbrough and he was assisting us at the scorer’s table for yesterday’s game.  Caleb played point guard at Guilford and is familiar with W&L in that he played the Generals twice a year.  He’s still getting settled in at the school and in the community.  Anyway, as we were walking on the soccer field Caleb looked at me and stated “I can’t believe how nice this field is – in fact how nice all the facilities are here.”  I gave him the usual response of “yep, were pretty lucky” but that is just a pre-programmed response that I tend to give most anybody who comments on the facilities because those comments are pretty common.  After I said it though, I could see in Caleb’s eyes how excited he was by the level of dedication the University has made towards the facilities and it reminded me of how truly lucky we are to have all that we do.

In truth, the soccer field is in amazing condition and the resources in the press box are pretty incredible.  I’ve been to a lot of schools who are lucky to have a plywood platform in the stands for a press box and we not only have enclosed boxes, but they are all equipped with state of the art sound/PA systems, new scoreboards and most recently, they have all been fitted with network connections and even wireless internet capabilities that allow us to do live stats and stream live video of games.

As I think about all that we have and especially all that has been provided to sports information, I want to say a thank you to the administration for building these awesome athletics facilities and also to the alumni and parents who have kindly donated the funds to make these facilities possible.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Additionally, I’d like to give a shout out to our tremendous facilities staff that not only maintain the facilities, but help with the set up and take down following every athletic contest played in these stadiums.  I know I don’t thank them enough for all they do and I hope that our coaches and athletes will also take a moment from their day to thank these people for everything they do.

The facilities staff includes Tommy Bane, Debbie Brown, Sheila Campbell, Andrew Davis, Francis Haston, John Hinkle, Jonathan Irish, Eddie Irvine, Mike Mayo, Tommy Mays, Dan Roland, Charlie Updike and Tom Wagner.  Thanks to all of them for their tireless efforts to make the events run smoothly (even Baner, Francis & Mike despite the Dallas Cowboys being their favorite team).

In closing, just wanted to congratulate the newest members of the W&L Athletic Hall of Fame on their inductions last weekend.  They are true representatives of what it means to be a Washington and Lee student-athlete.

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