Looking Forward and Back


By: Jan Hathorn
Athletic Director

The official start of Fall is tomorrow, which means most of our fall sport teams are about halfway through their seasons — wow!  It seems as if we just started!  Today marks the start of the men’s and women’s swimming season, and it’s only the third week of the school year. Before we know it, wrestling, indoor track, and basketball seasons will be starting, too. I guess whoever said it was right: time flies when you’re having fun.

For two of our teams, it was a big weekend against one of our toughest league opponents, Virginia Wesleyan.  Both women’s soccer and volleyball played Va Wes (pronounced Vah Wez) this weekend, and things went well for the Generals this time.  Volleyball won in three straight games and the soccer team won in impressive style, 4-1.  They were exciting wins over impressive competition.

One thing that stood out in both of these contests was the level of poise exhibited by the players on both of these W&L teams.  Both teams were well prepared and ready to play. In particular, the women’s soccer team took control of their game early, and they never relinquished it; clearly a result of their discipline, composure and level of preparation.  If you glance at the stats, it would appear that Ainsley Daigle is a one-woman wrecking ball but it was evident from watching the game that this was a team effort, from start to finish, from the first player to the last.  Coach Cunningham and Coach Nickols did a fabulous job of creating a game plan to win, and the team executed it, even when it appeared that Va Wes might launch a comeback in the second half. Overall it was a great game, and what made it great was not just the final score, but the way in which our team played as a team, executed as a team, and won as a team. One couldn’t help walk away from that game – and the volleyball match as well – and say, “That was fun!” You know, whoever “they” are, they’re right: time does fly when you’re having fun!


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