Day #1


By: Joel Shinofield
Head Men’s Swimming Coach

We have finished another exciting weekend of Generals’ Athletics with nearly every team in action again this past weekend.  Kudos to Women’s Soccer for their 4-1 victory over rival Virginia Wesleyan.

Watching all of the teams in action over the past few weeks has both been inspiring and exciting, but also has made me profoundly jealous.  I am extremely excited to get started with our own season and that moment finally came almost six months to the day after our season ended at NCAAs in Minnesota last March.  It was great to see everyone walk into the locker room fresh and ready for the season, normal hectic moments with paperwork and equipment, but thanks to super assistant coach Mike Ginder we moved through the whole process very smoothly.   After 25 minutes of medicine ball work  along with other fun on dry land we moved the water.  It is always a mixed bag the first day, with some guys in fantastic shape, while others are coming off demanding internships that didn’t permit as much time in the pool or weight room as they needed to keep that Adonis ab structure.  So while the physical condition of each athlete varied, the desire to be in the pool and work hard was shared by all.  Given the size and depth of our team, if we can keep that shared desire going every day, we should have a great season.

The other shared experience was that while they all looked fresh when they arrived for practice, for the most part they all looked hungry and fatigued as they left the locker room.  However, even the fatigue and hunger couldn’t wipe the smiles off the faces of the team as they laughed and joked in the locker room.  While swimming is seen as an individual sport, for our swimmers there can be no doubt that it is the team experience that drives them to be a part of college athletics.  It is that team aspect and those smiles that have me excited for today, excited for what is to come in the next few weeks and excited to see what we can accomplish on our way to NCAAs in Minnesota in March.


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