From Coast to Coast


By: Kris Hoey
Head Women’s Cross Country Coach


It is really kind of neat to look at the rosters of our athletes and see where everyone is from.  We have athletes from all over the country here at Washington and Lee.  It is nice to be able to bring a range of perspectives, ideas and traditions from different areas to our teams.  

One of our girls flew to all of her meets in high school because she lived on an island and in order to compete in any sports all the teams had to fly.  Another only competed in dual meets and never in any big invitationals, and another was home schooled and running was her “PE”.  It is fun to talk with each of these ladies about their experiences and how it relates to things we do as a team here at W&L.

With the changing of the seasons in the fall come some warm days, some cooler days, and some athletes wondering what to wear.   For example, one of our team members is from Alaska, do you think she is going to be cold today?  Highly unlikely.  My South Carolina and Georgia natives, well this is another story.  It is always entertaining, to see who comes to practice with tights for the first time. They usually get razzed a bit by the “colder” states folk.  On the flip side, the Texans and Louisianans don’t mind the early September humidity as much as the PA and Mass folks do.  

Where ever we are from, and if we think it is chilly or not, we have all come to love this small town of Lexington, Virginia and Washington and Lee University that resides in it.


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