There Goes Another Month


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

I don’t know why it is so satisfying for me, but I get great pleasure out of ripping the sheet off of my desk calendar every month.  Maybe it’s because it feels like a new beginning every time I do it or simply because it removes a month’s worth of scribbling and notes that generally fill every day from throughout the month.

Before throwing the sheet from the prior month in the trash, I always review it to make sure I’m not throwing out some phone number I need or task that I have yet to accomplish (there seems to be far more of those than I hope every month).  I guess I never really think about it much unless I need a blog topic :), but it allows me to sort of reflect on the month that has just passed while providing an optimistic look at the month ahead (I am one of those people that sees a blank desk calendar as optimism!).

As I look back on the last month, I am amazed at how quickly the time has passed.  I mean, it’s October for crying out loud (and the weather feels like it too!).  Where did September really go?  I feel like I spent the entire summer preparing for the start of the school year and before I can blink the fall season is half over.  It seems like we just started doesn’t it?  Despite that fact so much has already occurred.

The University honored another tremendous Hall of Fame class and there have already been some incredible accomplishments by our teams.  The football team has played some exciting games with F&M and Greensboro, the women’s soccer team has had huge wins over Virginia Wesleyan and Roanoke, the field hockey team has already played a season’s worth of nail-biters, men’s soccer has already played a total of six overtime periods, the volleyball team has already played half of the Top 10 it seems and the cross country teams have realized that some first-years may just help carry them to the ODAC titles again.

With October upon us there is also so much to look forward to that will undoubtedly fill my desk calendar once again.  Homecoming weekend is only eight days away and is always a great opportunity to catch up with all those athletes that have provided great moments from the past.  It is always great to see the alums, especially those that I remember from years gone by.  So many questions will be answered before the ODAC Championships begin at the end of the month and I can’t wait to find out what the answers will be.  Among them for me are:

Can the football team keep it’s focus while opening the ODAC slate after dropping three games by a grand total of 12 points?

Can the volleyball team continue its tradition of improving as the season goes along and bounce back from a shaky start to win its ninth-straight ODAC title?

Can first-years Harrison Tucker and Lauren Schultz continue to carry the cross country teams to the ODAC title?

Can Neil Cunningham’s women’s soccer team complete the troika and knock off Lynchburg during the regular season en route to an ODAC title?

Will field hockey cause one of their dedicated fans to have a heart attack in the stands and will the men’s soccer team finish the season with its full compliment of players?  Injuries have been the story for coach Piranian’s squad so far.

I think that it’s going to be a great month for Washington and Lee athletics.  Let’s just hope that athletic calendar fills up with plenty of W’s as the temperatures continue to plummet!


2 Responses to “There Goes Another Month”

  1. cunninghamn Says:

    Nice use of the word troika!

  2. blaubsch Says:

    Used it just for you … and Aaron Hatfield!

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