Josh Williamson

Josh Williamson

By: Josh Williamson
Head Athletic Trainer

It’s that time of year again … the temperatures are dropping, the students, faculty and staff are settling into their routines for the term, and nearly all of the sports teams are in session.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve gone from filling my free-time with kayaking and mountain biking to wondering what free-time is.  That’s not to say that I miss it though.  I’ve replaced trips down the Maury with mini “mind vacations”, living vicariously through the stories that the student-athletes tell about trips abroad over the summer.  I’ve replaced the ups and downs of the Five Gorges mountain bike trail in Roanoke with the ups and downs that our student-athletes and coaches experience with each game.  While the season changes and while the things that occupy my time change, I’m reminded of why my job is so wonderful: the people that surround me.  I miss the interactions that I have with the student-athletes, students, faculty, and staff of the university during the summer months.

And now that we are back in full swing, there has been no lack of those interactions.  The people here, the student-athletes, students, faculty, and staff are my Virginia family … they make me love what I do.  So, while I’d love to fit in some more kayaking or some more mountain biking, I wouldn’t trade the time that I’m spending with our students or our teams to do that.  There is a season for everything … and I’m going to enjoy everything about this season while it’s here.


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