By: Jan Hathorn
Athletic Director

Homecoming is this weekend and it’s one of my favorite times of the year. I especially love the way homecoming creates a sense of enthusiasm and excitement for our athletes and their respective teams.  It’s a giant reunion, of sorts, because many of our young alums will return to campus to catch up with their teammates, coaches, professors and friends – their W&L family – who are still here.  And, whenever there is a reunion of old friends, there is a certain anticipation that begins to spread throughout the campus – and, in particular, the teams – which only serves to make the weekend even more fun and meaningful.

When I was coaching, I always felt that Homecoming, much like Parent’s Weekend, created an extra measure of pride in my players.  They often wanted to play well in front of their friends; the friends they have been through thick and thin with, and who have become like family as a result. I figured they wanted their friends to see how important the team is to them and that they are maintaining and sustaining the level of excellence that their former teammates inspired in them, the same way they want their parents and family to be proud of their efforts.  It was always so rewarding to see how much it meant to the players to have their friends – their family – visit them and watch them play.  And we often played better as a result of having these friends – our family – watching from the stands.

And that is exactly why “Homecoming” is so important to us, and is so aptly named, because it’s true.  Our friends are coming home.


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