Fall Ball and More


By: Brooke Diamond
Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, our fall non-traditional season has drawn to a close. As I reflect on our practices and scrimmages over the last four weeks I am struck by three distinct thoughts:

First, I am excited about our team’s potential for a strong season this spring. Our fall scrimmages against Lynchburg and Guilford showed us that even without some of our key returning players, we have the pieces necessary to put together a successful season both in the ODAC and beyond. In addition to the talent, creativity and skill that has been exhibited on the field by returners and first-years alike, the team has also proven itself to be focused and committed to doing all that is necessary to regain the ODAC title this spring. A fire has been lit – we are eager to see where this new found passion and desire can take us.

Second, as a coach, the fall season is one of the most exciting and rewarding times of the year. Returning student-athletes have taken on new roles within the team and have stepped into leadership positions since vacated by graduation. The student-athlete who, only two years ago was a meek first-year, is now a key contributor and vocal leader on the field. Witnessing such growth in individuals’ talent and personal leadership skills is one of the pure joys of coaching and teaching.

Finally, I often find myself thinking about the student-athletes who were not with us during the fall season. We missed 10 student-athletes this fall due to study-abroad experiences or commitments to fall sport teams – I think this is GREAT! In my opinion, the 16 playing opportunities that we are allowed in the fall do not even begin to compare with the increased game sense and competitive understanding gained from playing in another varsity athletic season or the maturity and self-confidence earned by immersing one’s self in another culture far across the globe. We are excited to have these 10 student-athletes rejoin us for the spring season in January and know that they will bring their increased game sense, competitive understanding, maturity and self-confidence to help our team reach our goal of reclaiming the ODAC title this spring.


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