Taking it all in


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

So it’s Thursday and that means it’s my turn to write a blog entry.  At points in time I’ve had doubts about whether I could come up with some original content, but then, just in time, something happens to peak my interest in a topic.

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about the scenery of the W&L campus, Lexington and the Shenandoah Valley.  This is something that too often I take for granted but then when I need it most, it is so very apparent to me.

I am most definitely one of those people who remains focused much of the time.  That focus is often on my job and what I need to accomplish at work, but also on errands that I need to run, you name it.  I rarely stop to smell the roses, but when I do, it always brings a smile.

Case in point, this past Monday.  Mondays are absolutely the worst day for a sports information director.  Catching up from all the games over the weekend, reporting to the conference office, preparing for the games of the week to come, securing workers to staff all the games that week, etc.  Everything seems to converge on Monday and I generally feel like it is the end of the world every Monday.

This Monday was no different except that Rachel was feeling more than a little under the weather.  She seems to have recovered nicely now, but when asked how she was doing the response was “I feel like I’m going to die.”  Most Mondays this wouldn’t have posed much an issue, but this Monday the women’s soccer team was hosting Transylvania.  Thowing a game into the Monday madness is not something held in high regard in the SID office, but we also understand you have to schedule when you can, etc. So, Nate and I decided to cover the game and send Rachel home (she slept for 20 of the next 24 hours after that but returned on Tuesday feeling better).  Covering the game forced us to push some releases back to Tuesday, but we met most our deadlines and there really was no issue.

Upon arriving at Watt Field, I soon realized there was no place I would rather be at that moment.  Monday afternoon was one of those truly remarkable days.  It was sunny, bright and about 60 degrees.  Light jacket weather.  And the view from the press box at Watt Field is simply spectacular this time of year.  The vantage point overlooks the front campus, George is in plain view atop Washington Hall.  You can overlook town all the way to the Blue Ridge Mountains just past Buena Vista and the leaves are all turning orange, yellow and other spectacular shades.  On a day like Monday, it all seemed too good to be true.  The view was so nice that I decided to take a picture with my BlackBerry and post it to facebook.  Comments came flooding in about the view, the beauty, the mountains, etc.  It appears I’m not the only one who has occasionally taken stock in what surrounds us.

The view from the Watt Field press box during yesterday's men's soccer game against Eastern Mennonite.  The scenery this time of year is simply spectacular!

The view from the Watt Field press box during yesterday's men's soccer game against Eastern Mennonite. The scenery this time of year is simply spectacular!

Yesterday, I had a ton of errands to run at lunchtime and not much time to do so.  I got into that “locked in” mindset of what I needed to accomplish and in what time frame.  It seemed as though every person and every car was on a personal mission to throw off my timing.  There was typical out of town traffic that tries to turn at every corner only to realize it isn’t the proper turn.  There were tractor-trailers taking up lanes of traffic in the middle of town.  At Wal-Mart, the checkout lady was discussing Sunday’s Church service with the patron, taking their good ole’ time instead of checking out the purchased items, etc.  Thank goodness my thoughts were never verbalized as I waited my turn.  And then, as I drove back to campus for the afternoon in the office, I was again greeted by that view of the Blue Ridge and all the stressful feelings were washed away.  I returned to that chipper mood I had on Monday afternoon and was reminded that life is more than about meeting your next deadline or taking care of that next errand.  That’s what the beauty of Lexington means to me and one of the reasons I believe I’ll never leave this area of Virginia.

So, if you are a student or faculty member or even an alum with a mental picture of this special place, take the time to sit back and take it all in from time to time.  I guarantee it will help wash all those stresses away for you too.

Oh, and one last thing — GO PHILLIES!!!

One Response to “Taking it all in”

  1. Angie Says:

    The older we become the wiser we become. I believe that what you experienced was a sign that you need to appreciate the moments we gave on earth, it is all too short! We have all become victims of a society that has pressured us to want things faster and lack of patience. It is our responsibility to slow things down and enjoy! People at my place of work wonder why I go on so many vacations a year. It is because I want to experience my family and enjoy them to the fullest.

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