Upcoming ODAC Championships


By: Kris Hoey
Head Women’s Cross Country Coach

When I was thinking about what to write about this week, and it seemed natural to write about the Championship season … my favorite time of year.  There are vibrant colors everywhere, the air is crisp and there is nothing like the sound of a team of fit runners, running hard through leaf scattered trails … I love it!

The anticipation of the ODAC Championship is in the air.  Who is going to step up and have a clutch performance? Who will be able to motivate the team in such a way that everyone is totally fired up?  It is fun to see the competitive personalities come out when it is all on the line.   This event is something that our teams remember for the rest of their lives.  And me too!

About every other year, the ODAC championship falls on Parents weekend.  I love those years. This year we will have 24 family members attending the meet.  How exciting!! Our parents make this weekend that much more special!

I can hardly wait for Saturday and all that goes with it.  Freshly changed spikes, new hair ribbons, the themed t-shirt (dyed in my washer this week), the giddy chatter five minutes before the race starts,  the excitement of the first mile, them working hard as a team the second mile, and bringing it home and being competitive in the last part of the race, the celebration afterwards for leaving it all out there, and all the hugs from parents, family members and the team.

Good Luck to all the teams competing this weekend!!

Go Generals!! Bleed Blue!


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