W&L Athletics Quiz


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

Today I thought that I was going to write about my favorite men’s basketball moments in honor of basketball media day at the Civic Center, but I think we’ll hold that off until next week.

This week has been very much about history for me.  One of the aspects of my job is to serve as the guardian of the W&L athletics history.  Record-keeping and archival of certain historical documents come with the territory and my office has enough filing cabinets packed full of old documents and photos to prove it.

I am constantly reminded of our history by the phone calls every week where alums or friends of alums are interested in obtaining some historical information.  Just this very week I received a DVD with the game film from the 1951 Gator Bowl football game when W&L lost to Wyoming.  Watching the video (which was surprisingly in color) was really very interesting and helped bring to life one of those moments that I had only known from paper or stories, which can tend to grow even more grand with each year that passes.  However, this game was actually the real deal.  It had every bit the pageantry of today’s bowl games and the stands were packed for the game which still bears the same name and is still played on the same site in Jacksonville, Fla., every New Year’s Day.

I was further reminded of the history as I began researching the football team’s record this week.  The Generals played their 1000th game in program history last week and are just the sixth school in Virginia to have played at least 1000 games.

Yesterday as we taped the Sports Weekly in Reid Hall, a few of us had the idea for a sports-related game show and that got the juices flowing about what sort of questions I would come up with for such a show.  There are so many things I could ask.  It will take some planning before the show happens, but in the meantime, I thought that I would throw a few W&L Sports-related trivia questions out there so people could test what they know about W&L athletics.  I’ve had a few of the staffers here take the quiz and six or seven right seems to be the norm.  How well will you do?

Once you are finished, simply visit the answers page to find out how you did and be sure to post a comment with how you scored so you can see how you stack up. Best of luck!

1. How many athletic directors has W&L had since 1971?

a.) 6
b.) 1
c.) 4
d.) 2
e.) 8

2. What was the last team to win an ODAC Championship?

a.) Women’s Lacrosse
b.) Women’s Cross Country
c.) Volleyball
d.) Men’s Lacrosse
e.) Golf

3. How many times has W&L won the Dan Wooldridge Overall Sports Champion Cup as the top athletic program in the ODAC?

a.) 13
b.) 6
c.) 22
d.) 1
e.) 9

4. What is the University’s youngest varsity sport?

a.) Field Hockey
b.) Women’s Track & Field
c.) Riding
d.) Women’s Basketball
e.) Women’s Swimming

5. What were the first four varsity sports offered for women upon coeducation in 1985?

a.) Tennis, Swimming, Cross Country, Golf
b.) Tennis, Lacrosse, Soccer, Cross Country
c.) Swimming, Soccer, Lacrosse, Riding
d.) Soccer, Lacrosse, Swimming, Cross Country
e.) Field Hockey, Swimming, Lacrosse, Soccer

6. What sport has won eight-straight conference titles heading into this season?

a.) Men’s Soccer
b.) Women’s Cross Country
c.) Women’s Lacrosse
d.) Golf
e.) Volleyball

7. What athlete recently set the school career record in their sport?

a.) Rachael Phillips
b.) Sallie Armstrong
c.) Charlie Westfal
d.) Ben Barlett
e.) Maggie Sutherland

8. With 34 years of service to the men’s soccer program, Rolf Piranian is the longest tenured current coach at W&L.

a.) True
b.) False

9. What former coach recently retired after 50 years of service to Washington and Lee?

a.) Buck Leslie
b.) Joe Lyles
c.) Bill McHenry
d.) Jeff Stickley
e.) Mike Walsh

10. What coach on the W&L staff has the most All-America citations from their days as an athlete?

a.) Mandy King
b.) Mike Ginder
c.) Adam Hutchinson
d.) Nate Hoey
e.) Kami Gardner

11. Which two coaches have completed in the U.S. Olympic Trials in their sport?

a.) Mike Ginder & Joel Shinofield
b.) Nate Hoey & Kris Hoey
c.) John Tucker & Nate Hoey
d.) Kami Gardner & Kris Hoey
e.) Mike Ginder & Kami Gardner

12. Who was the first woman to be inducted into the W&L Athletics Hall of Fame?

a.) Angie Carrington Murphy
b.) Elizabeth Miles Mitzlaff
c.) Rebekah Prince
d.) Marilyn Baker
e.) Lisa Dowling Costello

13. Which current sophomore was named the South Region Rookie of the Year in their sport during the 2008-09 school year?

a.) Charlie Westfal
b.) Ellen Yeatman
c.) Meg Ingram
d.) Jeremy Becht
e.) Chris Washnock

14. Which athlete has won the most recent individual National Championship?

a.) Alex Sweet
b.) Lindsay Hagerman
c.) Hayden White
d.) Emily Applegate
e.) Nathaniel James

15. Which member of the W&L athletic staff has won a National Championship as a Head Coach?

a.) Neil Cunningham
b.) Gary Franke
c.) Eric Ishida
d.) Kami Gardner
e.) Jan Hathorn



4 Responses to “W&L Athletics Quiz”

  1. Elizabeth Igo Says:

    I got 11 out of 15, and not gonna lie I had to guess on a few. Thank goodness I know all about Joe Lyles

  2. Bryan Snyder Says:

    9 out of 15 – had no idea Kris Hoey competed in Olympic Trials!

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