Women’s Basketball Memories


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

So it’s blog time again.  I write every Thursday and it seems like the weeks are just flying by these days.

Today I’m going to look back at my most memorable women’s basketball moments.  I’m going to use the term memorable instead of favorite because there is at least one moment I am going to write about that I wouldn’t classify as a favorite moment, but it was certainly unforgettable.  So, without further ado…

Feb. 7, 2001
On this date, W&L defeated Eastern Mennonite by a score of 80-69.  Seems innocuous enough and I actually wasn’t in the gym for this one.  I was on the road with the men’s basketball team, who lost to Greensboro College by a score of 60-52.  About the time Head Coach Jeff Lafave was being ejected from the men’s game and in the middle of Brendan Harrington’s call of the ejection on the radio, I received a call from assistant SID Scott McGuinness informing me of the extraordinary events taking place in the Warner Center.  Turns out that news was better than the ejection in our game.  Brendan didn’t appreciate me interrupting him on the air but I had to let him know that EMU’s Emily Mullet had gone off for 58 points.  That would be 58 of EMU’s 69 points as a team.  She was 20-of-37 from the floor and 10-of-24 from three-point range in posting what I believe was the second-highest point total in Division III history.  The even crazier aspect of the game was that Jessica Mentz set the W&L record for points in a game with 37 points and 11 rebounds.  Talk about being overshadowed, poor Megan Babst had a meager 20 points, 17 rebounds and four blocks in the winning effort.  The boxscore of this game still hangs on my office corkboard.

Jan. 29, 2005
This one ranks up there with one of the most horrible things I have ever seen.  W&L had been playing women’s basketball since 1993 and 11 years later had still not recorded its first ever victory over Roanoke College.  I maintain that on this day, W&L did beat Roanoke if not for the zebras.  There were a lot of hard feelings after this one and I wish I still had the audio of Jeremy’s call of this game because it was priceless (as was his bid to join the Olympics in the chair-tossing event).  Regardless, the Generals lost by a score of 47-46.  W&L led 46-45 with only seconds remaining and the Maroons were forced to throw up a desperation shot as time expired.  The buzzer sounded as the ball hit high off the glass and bounded to the other side of the lane.  There was a small battle underneath the basket for a potential rebound, but the clock had expired and frankly the ball came off the glass way too hard for anyone to corral it.  As I witness Louisa Feve about to celebrate I was told by the Roanoke scorebook keeper that there was a foul called.  I thought impossible, but true enough, the officials called a loose-ball foul and called it on a player who was standing at the free throw line, well away from any of the action.  Following a discussion, a Roanoke player stepped to the free throw line with no time remaining and drained both tosses for the win.  To add to the insult, Brendan was doing the PA and couldn’t help himself but to make a comment about the officiating while promoting the men’s game that would follow.  So, now I had to drag Brendan to the Roanoke locker room for an apology, which had to occur in the hallway in front of the entire team because the Maroons were somehow locked out of their locker room.  Just a nightmare of a game.

Nov. 29-30, 2005
W&L fell to Bridgewater by a score of 70-47, which by itself was not that memorable.  However, this was the night the lights went out.  The game began on Nov. 29 and finished on Nov. 30.  At some point in the game, perhaps late in the first half (don’t really remember), the Generals had shot a three-pointer, which swished through the hoop.  No one actually saw it happen for sure since power was lost to half of Lexington at that very moment and the gym went completely black.  After waiting for some time for the power to come back, it was decided that the game would be finished the following evening.  Obviously the Eagles had no trouble finishing things off, but it was just another strange moment that I’ll probably never experience again.

Jan. 28, 2006
The Generals finally got that first win over Roanoke, defeating the Maroons, 78-70, in Salem, Va.  It was a back-and-forth game for much of the second half until Bethany Ridenhour sealed it by hitting 5-of-6 free throws in the final minute.  Jessica Hunsinger also made it a personally significant game, eclipsing the 1,000-point barrier and scoring 21 points.

Feb, 23, 2007
The Generals knocked off third-seeded Eastern Mennonite in the ODAC Tournament. W&L did not score in the opening seven minutes of the game, but recovered with a 15-0 run and pulled away for their first ODAC Tournament win since 1998-99.  Hayley James led the Generals with 16 points and 12 rebounds.

On Feb. 11, 2003 the Generals suffered a 55-48 loss to Emory & Henry.  This was actually senior day for captains Austin Calhoun and Elizabeth Igo.  For more than a year leading up to that day, Austin had been suggesting to the sports information staff what she would like to be said about her for senior day.  Of course we did not oblige, but years after the fact and after reliving this with Ms. Igo just last weekend, here it is.

Senior Day Script for Austin Calhoun
Austin joined the team as a junior … and she was okay.

It might be almost six years later, but congrats on finally receiving your wish Austin!


2 Responses to “Women’s Basketball Memories”

  1. Kathleen Hollenbeck Says:

    Below this is the link to the Women’s Basketball game on Feb 23, 2008, which was against Lynchburg.

    Maybe it was the 2/23/2007 game you were referring to aginst EMU?


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