Changing Seasons


By: Josh Williamson
Head Athletic Trainer

Whew…we have made it through the fall sport season! Well, almost.  We still have women’s soccer competing , but we have survived our busiest time of year as athletic trainers.

It can get a little hectic for a while trying to balance the fall sports teams and the winter sports teams when they overlap and then we throw in the non-traditional season practices for the spring sports as well…which adds to the chaos.  But all the chaos and craziness keeps us so busy that, before we know it, the fall sports season has ended and we are in the midst of the winter sports season.

It’s funny how I crave each portion of the year.  I’ve noticed that with the renewing from the lighter schedule of the summer that I can’t wait to dive in head first into the busy schedule of the fall.  By the time the fall is closing out, I’m ready for that lighter season again…then we get a little busier in the spring again with the spring sports and the non-traditional season practices for the fall sports.  But the ebb and flow of the seasons are a great thing.

The seasons renew us because they are ever changing which keeps us from becoming stagnant.   And this time of the year reminds me to be thankful for that ebb and flow.  It’s what keeps me vibrant keeps me from becoming stale.


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