So what do you do now?


By: Wendy Orrison
Head Field Hockey Coach

“So, what do you do now?”

This is the most often asked question of me this time of year so I thought I would go ahead and make a “public” answer.

Meetings are what I have the most of these days.  I have the field hockey players fill out a self-evaluation form which also evaluates the season as a whole.   I then meet with each young lady to discuss their evaluations.   There are team meetings as well, we collect uniforms, announce season-ending awards and plan out any future meetings.    Then we have our league’s year end coach’s meeting.   Here at Washington and Lee we have season-ending reviews (meeting) with our athletic director as well.

I am fortunate enough to serve on two committees: An All-American committee and the National Field Hockey Committee.  Therefore, I have had conference calls pertaining to those committees and the year-end selections that come with them.  The National committee takes up a lot of time actually.  As a member of that committee, I go to NCAA championship games and serve as an NCAA representative.  Our main role is to be sure that there is neutrality observed at the site.  I’m also an objective by-stander who can theoretically make neutral decisions.  I was a site representative at Lynchburg and then up at Messiah and this week  I go to Mt. Holyoke for the finals.  Massachusetts in November…not sure I like the direction of my plane.

Recruiting continues to be a large part of my daily activity: answering e-mails, making calls, watching videos, etc.  With application time looming, we try to get players to apply and/or try to get players to apply early decision.  Teaching continues throughout the semester too.  Here at W&L, all of the head coaches teach Physical Education classes.   Self assessment and assessment of the season can occur at this point as well.  Because sports are season, I get the chance to re-watch game film and watch others play in an effort to better prepare myself and my team for the next season.  There aren’t many jobs where we get to wipe the slate clean and start over; I enjoy that aspect of the job.  Lastly we all have second duties here at W&L.  I will be assisting the equestrian team for the first time this year.  Every head coach helps with game management of other sports (I help with women’s lacrosse).

Somehow my days manage to fill up, even feel more full than when in–season.  I do know that I’m looking forward to Monday and Thanksgiving week.  I also look forward to dinners with my family and Saturdays at my home.  So there you have it, a very brief overview of what I do now….

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