Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum


By: Wendy Orrison
Head Field Hockey Coach

I don’t come from a family of shoppers so on black Friday we decided to go to the Air and Space Museum near Dulles airport.  Apparently there were several thousand other people who had the same good idea.  A curator told me that it is there busiest day of the year; not one of the busiest days, but the busiest day.  At any rate, 16 of us piled into a 15 person van and went to the museum early Friday morning.  We stayed for several hours and it was a wonderful museum.  The building is huge and is in the design of an airplane bunker.  They have a space shuttle, a Concord, the Blackbird (fastest plane in the world) and the Enola Gay.  Not to mention hundreds of other full size planes, helicopters and hang gliders.  My children were the most excited about the gift shop and wheeled a few plastic toys out of their mom.

My father, who didn’t go, asked me what I liked best about the museum.  I named a few specific airplanes but then quickly realized and elaborated that it was the spirit of the museum.  The amount of creativity, ingenuity and perseverance that had to take place for each of those machines to operate is uplifting.  There was an exhibit on WWII planes and the people (mostly women and minorities) who built them and I was inspired by the commitment and teamwork that it took to build so many airplanes.

I went on and on about the spirit, the ingenuity, and the teamwork while talking to my dad.  After verbalizing what I like about the museum, I realized that is what I also like about coaching and sports.  I enjoy the spirit and cooperation of team sports. I love the passion and inspiration that young players bring to their sport.  I like the fact that if you have a bad game or a bad season, you can start over again.  Go back to the drawing board and try to fix it.   I also love the fact that I work with young women who expect to go out and have fulfilling and meaningful careers.  Rosy the Riveter opened doors for me and all of the young women that I coach.

Next time you are in the D.C area go check out the Udvr-Hazy Air and Space Museum.  I hope that you too will be inspired by the spirit and the energy that is captured in the museum.  I also hope that you have a job or hobby that allows you to brush up against creativity, team work, and passion the way that mine allows.


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