Christmas Ornaments


By: Kris Hoey
Head Women’s Cross Country Coach

As I was decorating our Christmas Tree recently with my daughter, I came across a little mouse sitting on a cherry pie ornament that had been given to me when I was about her age.  It was given to me by a friend of mine that I went to elementary school with and eventually graduated high school alongside.  It brought back so many memories that we shared growing up.  Fart spray in the car on the way to a Penn State game, soccer camp, going to the guidance counselor together because we were procrastinators in the 3rd grade, bus rides to basketball games, just to name a few.   It is amazing what that little mouse brought back. What a nice time of year to be reminded of people special to your heart and the ones who make you laugh too.

I was thinking about how neat it was to pull out that old ornament and reminisce about the fun times I had with my friend that I decided to start a new tradition with our team.  Each year, we will make Christmas ornaments for each person on our team so that many years from now when they are putting up their trees with their children, they can think about W&L and our team for a small moment and that can bring a smile to their face.  I can only imagine what will be in those memories.  What will be the thing that stands out the most from their time on the team at Washington and Lee.

So 15 blue Christmas balls, some paint and 6 episodes of CSI later I had some cute ornaments, no frills just XC09 and the occasional polka dots or stripes in Christmas fashion.   If you come by the 517 suite and see something pink (and royal blue of course—the tree does Bleed Blue)…..that would be our new Christmas tree, one that will have different ornaments hanging on it every year.   If only that tree could talk, what memories will it be holding on to?

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