Thank heavens for Monday…


By: Neil Cunningham
Head Women’s Soccer Coach

January 2010. This is going to be the year that I change certain things in my life for the better and make an effort to break some bad habits and start some new ventures. Sound familiar? I know we all start the onset of the new calendar year with new energy and good intentions and I just wanted to share with you some action items on my agenda. (notice I did not call them New Year’s resolutions) We all know they are worthless and will not last five minutes.

Here are my top five action items: Rome wasn’t built in a day and its only the 20th January….right?

1. EATING CHOCOLATE: I am a chocoholic. Just admitting that is a huge step. I need a rehab clinic to help me kick this habit. I am sure there are probably a few clinics and experts out there. I made a promise not to eat chocolate this year for as long as possible. January 20th and 65 chocolate bars later I feel I have failed. I will start Monday.

2. GETTING FITTER: This summer and fall I got myself in the best physical shape I had been in for sometime. I completed the summer workout that I give to my own athletes to complete, often with faster times I may add. I continued to workout through a busy fall period for a soccer coach, and dropping 15lbs at the same time. January 20th 2010….out of shape, gained 12lbs back and struggling to get going again. I can blame the weather, some surgery I had over the holidays, or make another excuse. Bottom line, I have failed. Come on Monday!

3. READ MORE BOOKS FOR FUN: I have read more than my fair share of Dr Seuss and Bill Peat books so its time I had some enjoyment and read some books that I really wanted to read. Remember when you read books for fun? I got four books for Christmas, excited about reading them all and I have cracked one page in one book. I am a slow reader what can I say. I guess I will continue with page two on Monday.

4. RESPOND TO E-MAILS FASTER: The sheer volume of e-mails I receive on a daily basis is quite ridiculous. I read them all, except for the one that keeps promising me that I have won the UK lottery. I guess I have read that one after all. I made a promise to try to respond to e-mails quicker so that they do not get buried in my inbox never to be seen again. How am I doing I hear you ask? So far this work week I have received 250 legitimate e-mails, and I have responded to 100. I guess I am not really doing better at all. I love Mondays.

5. TEACH MYSELF SIGN LANGUAGE: One of my new books. I have always been fascinated with the ability to communicate in this form and feel it could actually be useful in the real world. I am no nearer opening the book yet, but feel confident that the signs some motorists gave me this weekend in Philadelphia has maybe started the process earlier than anticipated.

The great thing about promising to do things or be better at something, or learn something completely new is that there will always hopefully be a Monday to make a start. I love Monday!

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