My January


By: Jan Hathorn
Athletic Director

Yesterday, somebody asked me if I was having a good New Year. It has been such a whirlwind month that I had to stop and think about the fact that, yep, it still is January and the start of a new year. I spent most of the month traveling so I have only been in the office about 10 days so far. And, if this month is indicative of the coming year, then I am in for very full, very exciting one – and very tiring!  Here are some of the highlights for me this January:


1. I attended the NCAA convention in Atlanta and was privileged to meet some very distinguished people – Jackie Joyner Kersee, Doug Flutie, Tim Tebow, and George Mitchell.  I even have pictures to prove it!  I also got to reconnect with some of the people I respect most in this profession, and whom I am proud to call my colleagues.  It was a long convention so I had plenty of time to fully believe there was not much going on in the office back home.  That’s the worst part about conventions – you really become delusional and believe that the work isn’t piling up and that you’re not going to be swamped when you return.  Alas, reality hit on Monday.

2. Right after returning from the convention, I had the privilege of attending an alumni event in Newport News, VA.  What a fun night, and what wonderful alums we have in the Peninsula Chapter.  I was made to feel so at home and I met many new friends – Channing Hall was a fantastic host – and reconnected with some old ones – “Bootsie” and Isabell Hatchet are so much fun!  It was a wonderful experience.

3. Three days later I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Apple Conference, held in Charlottesville and hosted by UVA. (I really do have an office but why be in it when I can be out of it!?) The Apple Conference is a 19-year old event that is responsible for the genesis of our SAMs program – Student Athlete Mentors.  I am so glad I attended this conference because it allowed me the chance to meet and spend time with two of our fabulous student-athletes – Dorothy Todd and Lauren Acker – as well as brain storm and discuss very important issues, alcohol use and bystander behavior, with these two students and Brooke Diamond, our women’s lacrosse coach, and Shana Levine, our Associate Director of Athletics.  During the course of the weekend, my convictions about the health and well-being of our students was re-affirmed and I am excited to help begin to re-energize our SAMs program on campus.  And, of course, I was deluded into thinking there was nothing happening in my office while I was away.

4. To top off the month, this past Wednesday evening, our men’s basketball team beat Randolph-Macon on Macon’s home court, for the first time since the 1958-59 season. It was a fantastic win for our program and one that I hope propels the team to accomplish many more firsts for the season.  Needless to say, I was very proud of the players and the coaches.

Suffice it to say, this week went really fast because I had to face reality and go back to the office. And the work was sitting there waiting for me.  But I’m glad to be back at the desk. Besides, I need to rest so I can be ready for the next time I need to be out of the office!


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