By: Neil Cunningham
Head Women’s Soccer Coach

As a head coach here at Washington and Lee, it is easy to get caught up in your own team and your own players. We spend so much time together during the season, whether it is at practice, a game or during social gatherings as a team. I applaud all the many things the women’s soccer players do on and off the field for themselves, the program and the school.  I am constantly impressed.

After spending a few years at an institution like Washington and Lee and making an effort to see other teams play, you notice that we have some pretty amazing student-athletes.

I have been fortunate to see some special athletes from a variety of sports in my nine years here.  One of the many benefits of my job is the ability to follow teams and get to know the students.

When I watch a game I look for certain qualities that I love to see in players. First and foremost is a sound foundation in the technical skills required to play the game.  A competitive spirit that exists in games and more importantly, in practice, is a requirement.   Mental toughness in key situations separates the best from the rest. Last, above all else, a passion for the game must be apparent.

There are a few student athletes that stand out in my mind this academic year.  I love to watch them play.  They inspire me and make their game fun to watch.

Rachael Phillips: Women’s Volleyball (Bio / Stats)
A fierce competitor with a great court demeanor. She crushes the ball.

Sallie Armstrong: Field Hockey (Bio / Stats)
Competitive, hates to lose and inspires everyone around her.

Meg Ingram/Becca Bolton: Women’s Basketball (Meg Bio / Becca Bio / Stats)
Watch this tandem. When the game is on the line they want the ball, so give it to them!

Ben Goetsch: Men’s Basketball (Bio / Stats)
Mr consistent for me. He just puts up numbers every game and works so hard. Love the way he also pushes the younger players.

Matt Cassilly: Football (Bio / Stats)
A relentless competitor who makes the most of his talents. Great work rate.


One Response to “MY 5 STAR GENERALS”

  1. Kathy Phillips Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for including my daughter Rachael in your 5 Star General list. Washington and Lee has been a great school for her and she has loved playing volleyball there.

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