One man’s trash is another’s treasure


By: Josh Williamson
Head Athletic Trainer

Snow.  It seems like we have way too much of it here lately.  It has really thrown a wrench into schedules here and made me look at it as a burden.  But, as they say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

The winter Olympics have reminded me how true this saying is…there are a lot of people out there that appreciate all the white stuff we’ve received.  Places like Massanutten and Wintergreen have benefited from not having to create artificial snow and from all the those adventurers seeking some winter recreation.  It also made me think about those people who experience the boom of their business during the summer (landscapers, farmers, etc) but have equipment to clear snow.  The extra money they are able to earn helps them through these “leaner” months.  So, while I’ve had to deal with schedules being changed frequently (as have a lot of others), I’ve tried to remind myself that it’s only temporary and that it has benefited a lot of people.  That being said, I’m still definitely ready for spring…


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