Yoga – What’s the Fuss About


By: Wendy Orrison
Head Field Hockey Coach

What’s all the fuss about?  At this point, surely you know someone who is into Yoga and probably wants you to go to a Yoga class with them.  Do it, go.  Yoga is awesome.  I have been dabbling in Yoga for about 10 years I guess.  I became a group fitness Instructor about 20 years ago in order to teach aerobics.  In order to maintain my certification I must get continuing education hours.  At these fitness conferences Yoga started showing up.  Initially it was a master class we could take for fun but was not considered training for our certification.  Slowly that is changing.  Yoga is seeing a ground swell of interest and participation.  Why?  I think it is because anyone can do Yoga.  I am now going through a rather long and lengthy process of getting 200 hours of training so that I can say I’m Yoga certified.

I’m doing my training through a company called Yoga Fit which comes at Yoga from the fitness industry, perfect for me and so many others like me.  The first couple of trainings are solely on poses and class flow and structure.  It is not until later in the training that Chakras and meditation and Sanskrit get introduced as that may not be the level of Yoga that the average gym rat is seeking.

At my past training there were 12 people in my class and we ranged in age from 21 to 56.  We were white, black and Asian.  We were really fit and buff and we were soft and a little overweight.  We had flexible, ballerina type bodies and we had stiff, athletic bodies that do every modification offered.  We all got something out of the training and the practice of Yoga.  We all worked hard, stretched and found new poses that were challenging yet rewarding.  I think that is why yoga is so popular because anybody can do it and there are positive benefits even if you can’t do all of the poses.

I’m teaching the first Yoga PE class here at W&L and it is well attended.  A total of 31 students plus many coaches sneaking in to take the morning class so they can get a jump on their day. There are 4 Yoga classes offered through the campus recreation classes and they are well attended as well.  So if you haven’t tried it yet, go check it out.   Rodney Yee is a one of the big names in Yoga and at one of my trainings he explained that Yoga is for everyone because it is the practice of Yoga.  If you are stiff and tight you will receive benefits and if you are loose and flexible you will gain as well.  That’s why it is called a practice so that we keep at it and we get better…more flexible, stronger, better balance and although not documented, I think happier.  Trust me the Yoga butt is good too.

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