I Remember You When……


By: Neil Cunningham
Women’s Soccer Coach

I cannot believe that next season will be my 10th Anniversary at Washington and Lee. In that time I have seen a fair few student athletes come and go through the program. I have had the pleasure of being around some pretty amazing kids over that time. Good players, great students and all in all pretty amazing people. In a world where we struggle to find good role models to follow its nice to know that I can still tell my young children (ages 4 and 6) stories of players that once wore the shirt of Washington and Lee.

Last week in the space of a few days I was further reminded of how lucky I really am. I had breakfast with Jane Ledlie, a successful lawyer, and then later that same day I had lunch with Dr Kelley Zagol. It was awesome to just sit and listen to them talk about their present lives and what they are up to, but the conversation always turns quickly to the past and their soccer careers. Good players, great students and outstanding people of character. As I attempt to raise a 4 year old girl (I know … God help her) I only hope she can surround herself with great people along the way.

On the women’s soccer page we have our own BLOG and I have been featuring some past players from the program. Take a minute and check them out. I know as coaches we all have players we are very proud of and this is truly why I am in this business. It is without doubt the best profession.

Check out stories of some past players from the Women’s soccer team.



One Response to “I Remember You When……”

  1. Dick Grefe Says:

    I have a daughter, Willa, who (amazingly) is only months away from leaving for college. For many of her 17 years, she has had contact with W&L women soccer players, either through the soccer camp or when serving as ball-girl for W&L matches. And other W&L students served as coaches for her youth teams and one former player coached the local high school soccer team.
    There is no doubt that her approach to combining sports, academics, and character has been very favorably influenced by the time she has spent with these young women. In my clumsy way, I have occasionally tried to thank various W&L women soccer players for their services as excellent role models for kids, boys and girls alike, but it’s a little hard for a 20-year-old to appreciate what this means to a parent. It is easy to take for granted people like Kelley Zagol, Emily Barker, and Maggie Sutherland around here, but I am so grateful my own young children had the opporunity to see college athletics done the right way.

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