March Madness!


By: Jan Hathorn
Director of Athletics

For most people, March Madness signifies the beginning of the men’s and women’s NCAA Basketball tournaments.  I’m a big fan of March Madness and enjoy the excitement of watching all the teams play for a national championship.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year.

However, for those who love tennis, track, lacrosse, golf and baseball, there is another kind of March Madness.  It’s the called the regular season.  On the college level, spring sports play a majority of their season during the months of March and April.  At Washington and Lee, most of our regular season is played in March.  If you’re a fan of any one, or many, of these sports, you’ve probably already noticed that there is a game scheduled for almost every day in the month of March.  As a matter of fact, only eight of the 31 days this month do not have a contest scheduled to be played.  Not only that, but along with playing most of your season in March comes the fact that the weather will undoubtedly be fickle and change drastically in a matter of minutes. Which means games will be rescheduled and it is entirely possible that, eventually, there will be a game scheduled for every day of the month. That’s just madness… and I love it!

So here’s to the W&L version of March Madness.  We have some great contests ahead of us. I urge you to come on out and watch our top-level teams take on some of the nation’s best in tennis, track, golf, lacrosse and baseball. You’ll experience the excitement of watching teams compete for a chance to play in a post-season championship.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year!  Go Generals!

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