Picking the second round


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

Second Round
1 Kansas vs. 8 UNLV

Former W&L women’s basketball player and Kansas native Sarah Schmidt Zipp posted on my facebook wall “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” after I posted that I was ready for the tournament to begin.  Plus sports info work study student Kristi Stevens is also from Kansas.  Jayhawks blow out the Rebels.

5 Michigan State vs. 4 Maryland
This is a tough one because it pits the future Mrs. Laubscher against a member of the wedding party.  I feel like Sparty could crack Testudo’s shell with his sword so the Spartans advance.

11 San Diego State vs. 14 Ohio
I’ve actually been to both cities where these schools are located and Athens, Ohio doesn’t quite cut it in this battle of the cities.  Aztecs move on.

2 Ohio State vs. 7 Oklahoma State
Which state is better?  They are both flat and both are immersed in agriculture.  Would you rather eat corn or wheat bread?  I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped to start doing some corn on the cob on the grill once it gets warmer.  Buckeyes in a romp.

Second Round
1 Syracuse vs. 9 Florida State
Both these schools featured great scorers from small schools in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Gerry McNamara of Syracuse and Bob Sura from Florida State.  McNamara led his team to a national title.  Sura only became the all-time leading scorer at FSU.  McNamara’s feat was better.  Syracuse moves on.

5 Butler vs. 13 Murray State
Butler’s coach Brad Stevens looks younger than his players and therefore has plenty of youthful energy to scout the game.  Murray State’s coach Billy Kennedy’s drive to succeed died when his impossible goal of seeing his beloved New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl actually happened.  Butler moves on.

3 Pittsburgh vs. 11 Minnesota
I have two friends that work at Pitt (former college roommate Steve Anthony & former college wild man John Abrams) and 1 ½ that work at Minnesota (Austin only counts ½ since she is technically a student and the other is really more a friend of a friend that we call Ross Geller instead of his given name of Steven).  Pitt wins.

2 Kansas State vs. 10 Florida
Kansas State wins because the cameras need to get more pictures of Tim Tebow crying.

Second Round
1 Kentucky vs. 9 Wake Forest
I once had drinks and performed karaoke with John Calipari at a New Year’s Eve party in Easton, Pa.  He seemed like a good guy, but you always wonder how shady he is just under the surface.  Regardless, he tells some crazy stories and for the pure humor he can produce, Kentucky moves on.

4 Wisconsin vs. 12 Cornell
Once the luster of the fact that Cornell may have called me wears off, I am only left with the fact that they have a color for a nickname.  I’ve always hated that (take a lesson Roanoke).  The buzzcuts move on.

3 New Mexico vs. 6 Marquette
I can’t name a single player on New Mexico’s team, but Marquette just beat Villanova in the Big East Tournament and I’m not happy about it.  The Cats defeated New Mexico in the first round of the 2005 NCAA Tournament.  No reason to dislike New Mexico here.  Lobos move on.

2 West Virginia vs. 10 Missouri
West Virginia’s campus is located just 10 miles from the Pennsylvania/West Virginia border so I can technically claim it as a PA school.  I don’t have a single tie to Missouri.  WVU moves on.

Second Round
1 Duke vs. 9 Louisville
I make no bones about my hatred of Duke and there is a tie between Rick Pitino and ODAC-member Guilford College that only a select few know about.  That direct link is enough to lift the Cardinals to the win.

12 Utah State vs. 13 Siena
I vacationed in Utah for a week a couple of years ago and it is a beautiful state.  Kevin Curtis of the Philadelphia Eagles (my favorite NFL team) played at Utah State.  Those are two more reasons to pick USU than I have for Siena.  Utah State moves on.

11 Old Dominion vs. 14 Sam Houston St.
Old Dominion has to win this one because who is looking on the horizon?  That’s right, a rematch with Villanova.  ODU wins.

2 Villanova vs. 7 Richmond
Same reason as above.  Destiny.  Nova wins.

One Response to “Picking the second round”

  1. Chaggy Says:

    Kansas beating the Rebels?? That is so wrong, its the Runnin’ Rebels. The pick is right though.

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