Successful Failure


By: Jan Hathorn
Athletic Director

Many years ago I discovered a short article called “Successful Failure”, and it has meant the world to me whenever I feel as if I’m not being successful. It helped me as a coach who was trying to teach the lessons of life to my teams, and it still rings true for me today.  I thought it was worth sharing this priceless piece of wisdom.  I hope you enjoy it.

Successful Failure
One day, the president of a bank announced to one of his younger vice-presidents that he was going to retire and had selected the young man to replace him as president.  The vice-president was overwhelmed by both the honor and the responsibility. After recovering from his surprise, he said, “Thank you, sir!”  And then, in a very serious tone, he told the old man, “I’ve always admired your successful leadership. What’s the key to being successful?”  The old man paused, put his hand to his chin, and replied, “Making good decisions.”  The young man asked, “Where did you learn to make good decisions?”  With a twinkle in his eye, the president replied, “By making bad ones.”

You can’t separate success from failure; they’re two sides of the same coin.  No one learns how to make right decisions without making wrong ones. No one is ever a real success that doesn’t learn from failures.  And in order to have failures, you have to show up and try.

~by Gary Oliver, Chariot Victor Publishing


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