Memory Lane


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

On Tuesday evening, I traveled to Washington, D.C., for the men’s lacrosse team’s game against Middlebury at Georgetown University.  Generally I don’t look forward to these neutral games on another campus, but I was looking forward to Tuesday.  Plenty to do around Georgetown and I was going to be working with former assistant SID Andy Krauss, who lives in the DC area and agreed to help me with stats for the game.

We met up on campus around 2:00 pm with plans to walk around Georgetown a bit (I had never been) and then grab an early dinner before the game.  After clearing a major parking hurdle (even though we were supposed to be cleared to park), we were able to walk through campus and around the Georgetown District.  I had never been to either, so it was interesting to have a walk through a place where the dorm room signs said such horrible things as “Beat Nova” and with the knowledge that such villains as Patrick Ewing, Allen Iverson, Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo once strolled those sidewalks.

The Exorcist Stairs

Upon stepping off campus, which was in fact quite beautiful for a city campus, there is plenty to do and see … and eat.  Before walking down the stairs from “The Exorcist”, Andy and I visited an establishment called “The Tombs” and had the best burger ever.  I highly recommend it.  Upon Rachel’s recommendation (she got her master’s at Georgetown), I then visited Georgetown Cupcake and got a half-dozen cupcakes.  At $16.00 for six cupcakes, I noted they better be good and Andy confirmed it shortly after taking the first bite of his Lava Fudge cupcake and let out a grunt that said more than any words.  I stashed my cupcakes in my truck to take back to the office, but only four of the six made their way back following the drive home.  Crazy good.

As for the game, the Generals played well, but just couldn’t muster some goals during a key stretch of the third and fourth quarters when they had a chance to pull away a bit.  Three-straight fourth-quarter tallies from the Panthers gave them the win.

As exciting as the game was, it was even better to take a trip down memory lane.  First, working with Andy brought back some memories (he was my very first assistant back in 1998-99), but seeing so many alums in the stands also peaked my interest.  Former W&L men’s lacrosse and basketball player Zeb Mellet ’99 stopped by the press box to chat with Mike Walsh, Andy and I, and it again brought back some great memories.  I only had one year as the SID at W&L while Zeb was an athlete here, but you would have thought it was more than four.  Just really good to catch up and hear how he is doing.  As I looked out the press box at the stands, I also saw such legends as Jack Martin ’08 (Football), Will Englehart ’08 (Lacrosse), Thomas Grattan ’07 (Lacrosse) and Zeb spoke of seeing many others that I remember from their playing days on the fields of Washington and Lee.  It’s crazy to think that there have been more than 1,000 athletes who have graduated after donning the Blue and White during my time as SID and I am proud to see them, hear how they are doing today and recall their past glories.  The only bad thing?  Looking at a face and knowing that they played a sport at W&L … but not recalling their name.  This is where being in the press box helps save you a bit.  Not mingling in the stands at least bought me some time to come back to the office and check the website to find that the player I am referring to is none other than Charlie McCombs ’07.  Sorry Charlie.  Oh well, happens to everyone and it will probably happen with greater frequency ever year from here on out.  As long as I remember more than I forget … and having events like Tuesday’s game in DC will do nothing but help me remember.  Good times and even better memories.


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