What’s in a song?


By: Rachel Buck
Sports Information Assistant

Throughout this season, I’ve listened to a variety of warm-up music. And when I say variety, I mean variety; rap, rock, country and even Miley Cyrus (props to the women’s lax team for making my spring a little more enjoyable by NOT including her) covered almost the entire gamut of music selections out there.

And that made me think … what’s in a song?

Music can set a mood. When I’m running, I want high-energy; when I’m in a dance mood, I want great upbeats; if I’m upset I want some hard rock. So when it comes to warm-up music, I always considered it almost a man-up advantage to be playing at home and hearing the music that helps you get ready for a game. It sets a tone; it gets you excited and really establishes the home-court advantage. But after that chosen music is played during the hour leading up to a game, I’ve always wondered how timeout/halftime/intermission music affects players’ attitudes.

Is there a point where music becomes just white noise to players and more amusement for the fans? Obviously nobody wants to jam out to 4 Non Blondes or some sappy love song while they’re playing, but if a player heard a less-than-desirable song would it mess with their psyche or do they just block it out? And if that’s the case, does the music then become property of the fans in attendance, either fueling them to heckle the player and/or rain boos on the opposition?

If I were a player, I think I would feed off any sub-par or mocking song an opposing team would play (and with my last name I’m sure they would be able to come up with a few). You want to play a song that you think is going to get under my skin? Watch me take this to the net/deep. I’ve always secretly wished that I would be the beer batter at a minor league baseball game. You know, that one visiting player with the most strikeouts that the home team pegs to continue the trend, therefore discounting the price of beer for the fans the rest of the game. And they always play some cheesy song to go with the title that fires-up the crowd and gets them in a heckling mood. Well, I’d wear that title with honor, hoping to blast one out of the park every at-bat. It may lets the fans down and lessen their drunken stupor, but at least I overcame the title and embarrassment of a horrible at-bat song.

Another personal favorite was watching former Milwaukee Admiral Jordin Tootoo (now with the NHL parent Nashville) at opposing arenas. They used to play “Don’t Mess with my Tutu” anytime he would end up in the penalty box, which he did frequently. Early in his years, he would be frustrated and come out of the box with even more anger, usually resulting in a five-minute major or other stupid penalty. But as he matured, he embraced the song and even did a little dance when they showed him in the box while playing the song. Pretty soon the arenas stopped playing because they knew it no longer bothered him. Talk about adaptation!

Now I never played sports on a collegiate or professional level, but I was known to take to the ice for a few games of pond hockey. So just like the episode of Family Guy where Peter gets his own theme music, below I have comprised a list of some of the top music I would like to hear before taking to the ice and/or throughout a game:

“Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory – Reminds me of my time last year with the Washington Capitals. They did a “Rockband” intro video to this song with Ovi on the mic and if I may use an Ovi Russian-ism it was “sick.”

“We Ready” by Archie – Reminds me of Marquette basketball and my freshman year when we made it all the way to New Orleans and the Final Four! It also brings back scarring memories of watching our non-rhythmic student section trying to dance.

“Bodies” by Drowning Pool – always loved the song.

“Bring Em Out” by T.I. – I’m sure a lot of teams have used it, but reminds me of my Brewers.

“Poker Face” by Lady GaGa – I’m a GaGa-aholic, there is no way I could leave her off the list. Feeds my need to dance.

“All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix – Another song I just love.

“Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes – Classic athletics song.

“Little Secrets” by Passion Pit – Was recently introduced to this band and fell in love with them. Just a great song.

“Uprising” by Muse – Another good jam song.

“Tick Tick Boom” by The Hives – My music source, Compton, recommended this song and she didn’t lead me astray.

“In the Air Tonight” by Nonpoint – Sure, you hear this song and you think of Mike Tyson singing in “The Hangover”. I think this is a better version of the song than the one by Phil Collins when it comes to sports.

“Boom Boom Pow” by Black Eyed Peas – If anyone from the 1203 back in MKE is reading this, you know why.

“The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson – I’ve loved this song for a while, and it will probably remain on my favorites playlist for years to come.

“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson – Years ago there was an office with two Rachels, and anytime Rachel #1 would visit Rachel #2 it was a freakish occurrence that this song would be playing. And that’s how this song became my theme song. Much like GaGa, I am an MJ-aholic.

“Fuego” by Pitbull – Love to dance, love to lighten the mood, love this song.

“Let it Rock” by Kevin Rudolf – Another song I fell in love with last year with the Caps.

“Electric Feel” by MGMT – Makes me want to dance, plus it’s just a feel-good song.

“Remember the Name” by Fort Minor – I love the beat of this song, and the lyrics aren’t too shabby either.

“Shake It” by Metro Station – Another song that no matter my mood it makes me want to dance and gets me excited.

“Next in Line” by Meese – Can’t take credit for this one (again). Props to Compton for adding this to my music collection, because it has now become a regular.

“Too Fake” by Hockey – Hockey: a band that doesn’t play the sport and isn’t from Canada. Surprising, with a name like that. Entire album is phenomenal, but this is probably my fav.

“Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco – This shoutout goes to Cassie, as we fondly reminisce about our days as Brewers season ticket holders and how we would laugh at Braun when he was at-bat J

“Cochise” by Audioslave – Another favorite song. May start out slow, but once you’re in, it’s on.

“Amazing” by Kanye West – Big fan of Kanye, lyrical genius (is that trademarked from the South Park episode?!).

“Tell Me When To Go” by E-40 – It’s one of those songs that I’m not quite sure why I like it, but when it’s playing I’m loving it!

The list could go on, but these are definitely tops on the list. Maybe next time I’ll compose a least-favorite song list.


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