Fun in the Sun


By: Josh Williamson
Head Athletic Trainer

It’s amazing what a little change in the weather will do for the spirit.  It wasn’t but a few weeks ago (maybe a little more) that I was writing about the snow.  And now, here it is, early April and we are dealing with summer heat!  Just when the cold was starting to wear on me, some warm sunny days came in and picked me up.  But it seems to me that I am not the only one that it has affected.  Many of the student-athletes, coaches, staff, crew, and random people I’ve run into on the street seem to be positively affected by the change in the weather.  It’s so refreshing to have such a positive vibe everywhere you turn.  I know that it has put me in a better mood and makes the days so much more enjoyable – probably not only for me but for those that have to deal with me!  This change in the weather also serves as a reminder that the end of the academic year is fast approaching.  It has a tendency to sneak up on you (at least it does for me).  As we approach the end of the academic year, we also approach another sports championship season!!  This is what I really look forward to each season.  You just can’t beat spring/early summer weather and sports championships!  So, after being refreshed by the nice weather (and applying a copious amount of sunscreen), I’m ready to see our sports teams close in on some championships!  You should do the same…come out and support the Generals!!  Just don’t forget the sunscreen.


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