New Mexico


By: Wendy Orrison
Head Field Hockey Coach

The Santa Fe Sky

I graduated from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque–I will not tell you the year.  Everyone always asks why I went out to the Southwest for college.  I went on a couple of ski trips to the West while in college and fell in love.  I only applied to schools in the West and S. west.  At the time, I wanted to be a veterinarian and I was also very interested in communication.  I chose schools that had good pre-vet programs and or radio.  Alas I was never to make it past Calculus for the Life Sciences…good thing because I’m actually quite allergic to most animal hair!  Not sure what happened to my DJ aspirations either but maybe someday I can help Jeremy on WLUR?   I came to be a college coach in a rather long, back door type of way which is not the point of my quick little post.

Sisters in Sante Fe

My point is to share with you the beauty of the Southwestern United States.  If you have never been to Arizona or New Mexico, yes it is a state, than I encourage you to go.  There is awesome hiking, skiing and margaritas, not necessarily in that order.  I was able to go to visit Santa Fe and Taos this past week since we are in spring break.  Up until this year, I had never enjoyed a spring break vacation because I have always been coaching lacrosse.  I figured that since my husband was accustomed to me going away-I would keep it up.  I went on a 5 night trip with my parents and sisters and sister-in-law.  We visited with my niece who attends a small school in Santa Fe, St. John’s College.  Most of those familiar with W&L will not be familiar with St. John’s as they are vastly different.

Enjoy the views and if you ever want tips on where to visit-get in touch.

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