A Race I Will Never Forget


By: Kris Hoey
Head Women’s Cross Country/Asst. Track & Field Coach

My athletes are always amazed when I can tell them what time they ran in a certain race or what they ran for the last 200 of an event from 4 years ago.  It is just something a track coach does.  We are driven by times, they make us “tick” so to speak.

The Women’s 1500m this year at the ODAC Championships was one of the races I will never forget.  The top 3 runners: Kat Telfeyan from W&L, Ashley Meyer from Lynchburg, and Kelly Fauth from Virginia Wesleyan, had all run under 5:00 so far this year. It was a race between 2 seniors and a sophomore who had never won the 1500m at the ODAC Championships and was certainly going to be a battle.   Ashley is faster in the 800m, Kelly is pretty solid all around and Kat is the stronger runner in the 5k.  They all meet in the 1500m.

Kat has been on fire since she ran 4:50 at the Carnival. The other 2 girls have had some great performances this year too.  Kat came in to the office a few days before the meet and said that she really wanted to win the 1500m at ODACs and help the team with 10 points.  I knew that it had been on her mind and that it was something she really wanted to do.

Kat Telfeyan

Here is how the race played out:  Ashley and Kat were determined to make it an honest race from the beginning.  With 700m to go in the race it was Ashley and Kat running hard together.  Same positions with 400m to go, Ashley then Kat running on the rail.  300m to go same thing, with 200m to go Kat dropped the hammer she had been carrying and won the race with such conviction.  She committed.

It wasn’t the actual race as much as what it all meant for Kat.  That race represented all that is Kat.  She ran a lifetime PR of 4:47.71.  She left everything out there. It was something that she wanted and something she went after.  Is there any greater feeling than achieving something that you work really hard for? What a great way to end her college career, with a PR, an ODAC title and the admiration of anyone who witnessed her last collegiate 1500m.

She ran her last 200m in 35 seconds.


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