Down to the end of things…


By: Nate Jervey
Assistant Sports Information Director

So, this is the first blog that I have written in some time and this one is also going to take me a serious amount of time to write it.

See, several co-workers and myself had the great idea to go tubing down the Maury on Saturday afternoon. What better way to spend a hot Saturday afternoon than floating down the river with some good company? Well, it turns out it was a terrible idea as instead of finishing the river, retrieving my car from the pole houses and grabbing some dinner, I spent a solid two hours in the hospital and walked out looking like one of Dr. Frankenstein’s monsters.

I managed to smack my hand on a rock heading into the first set of rapids (I like to tell people that have never been on the Maury that they were at least some Class 3 rapids) and upon looking at my hand about 15 seconds after I did it, realized that I was in some serious trouble. I could not see where I had hit/cut it, but I could see a LOT of blood. I have had many injuries from both athletic and non-athletic activities and this was by far the most gruesome one. One of my tubing cohorts came back to see what the problem was and realized just as quickly as I had that this was not good, so he went into the woods and found a driveway to a house and we made our way to the front door where I am quite sure we scared the crap out of some locals. Actually, the house belonged to Jim Crothers, who is the President of the Rockbridge Rapids. I did some work for the Rapids last summer in their inaugural season so I knew Jim and he was more than willing to drive us back to Bean’s Bottom to grab a car so I could go to the hospital. Well, two hours, 18 stitches and a few shots (of medicine, not booze) later and I was all set. No permanent damage, but this is really going to hamper my golf game in the short term.

Heinous injuries aside, the year has pretty much wrapped up for us here in Sports Information. Tonight is the annual award ceremony in Lee Chapel followed by the barbeque on the lawn (or Doremus for the second year in a row given the rain). The ceremony is a pretty cool event where some of the best and brightest of W&L’s student-athletes get recognized in front of their peers and coaches for outstanding work on the field and in the classroom. Especially for the recipients of the “Pres” Brown Most Valuable Male/Female Senior Athlete Awards it is a great chance to recognize a pair of individuals for four years of hard work and dedication. This event typically signals the end for Brian, Rachel and myself. We have a few tennis individuals who will be competing at the NCAA National Championships, but we are done hosting events for the year and we can now begin to set our sights on the summer and things that we would like to accomplish in the relatively slower summer months as we prepare for the fall to begin (and it always gets here quicker than we would like).

Despite looking forward to the end of the year, the end to this year is going to be slightly bittersweet. Five assistant coaches who are currently here will not be returning next year. Tiffany Underhill, Kate Nichols, Geoff del Forn, Emily Fitzhugh and Mike Ginder are all moving on to bigger and better things. Some have other coaching gigs, some are going back to school and some aren’t real sure what they are doing yet. Its not just having five co-workers leave, its five friends that are leaving. Not only do we spend a lot of our work hours together, but much of our free time is spent with one another and now a large chunk or the established social circle is disappearing. As much as those of us still at W&L would like the departing group to stay, we all realize that its the nature of the beast and just because someone is moving 5, 10, 15 hours away doesn’t mean they will be forgotten.

To the five of you that are not returning, I/we wish you a great deal of success and don’t be strangers. Best of Luck!!!


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