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Summer Update

July 30, 2010

By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

It’s been a while since our last post to the sidelines blog.  As you can imagine it’s because there isn’t a great deal going on with W&L sports that we can report on.  Well, it’s that plus the fact that the summer months are when the sports info types get a chance to breath and enjoy the fact that there can be more to life than W&L sports.

Nate, Rachel and I have enjoyed very relaxing summers and without too much detail (because I’m quite certain you can’t care that much about our personal lives), I thought I would write this blog entry as an update of our summer activities.

Rachel took a week in June to travel to the “Happiest Place on Earth” which is also known as Disney World.  Better yet, she also went on a Disney Caribbean Cruise as part of the vacation.

If only I were still sitting on this balcony.

June was a busy month for me because I wanted to try to work ahead as much as possible in preparation for the fact that I was out for most of late June/Early July due to a life-changing event.  I took the plunge and was married on June 26.  Sparing everyone the details, it was a pretty great time and the honeymoon in Hawaii was awesome as well.  I now spend my days imagining myself back on a beach in Hawaii but unfortunately I can’t see that happening again anytime soon.

Recently, Nate fulfilled his year-long dream of imitating Bear Grylls and producing his own Man vs. Wild experience.  He, along with former W&L Assistant Track & Field Coach Garrett Brickner and former W&L Assistant Swimming Coach Mike Ginder made a trek to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for four days in the woods with very few supplies and no shelter.  They did it just to see if they could survive it.  This experience took place this week so I have no specific details other than they eat berries and some frog legs and did in fact walk out of the woods in one piece.  Hopefully some video and pictures exist and Nate can blog about the experience once he returns on Monday.

Rachel is ending the summer with a late vacation to her beloved Wisconsin to participate in the county fair (I think).  There talk of some delicious fair food and already pictures of farm animals have appeared on her facebook page so I’m sure she’s as happy as could be.

So there you have it.  A brief overview of what’s been going on in sports information since June began.  We did sprinkle some work in over the last few months, but who really wants to read about that?  My summer will be ending with another wedding, this time in Michigan next weekend, and a trip to Bethlehem, Pa., for Musikfest and if I’m lucky, an inside look at Eagles training camp and former W&L football player James Urban ’96, who now serves as the team’s quarterbacks coach.  Stay tuned….