Random Thoughts and Comments


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

So here it is the end of September and we now have a full month of the 2010-11 school year under our belts and we’ve gone through the entire rotation of bloggers here on the Sidelines Blog.  Starting with my blog today, we’ll be having our second go-round featuring more solid content from Nate, Jan, Adam Kelly, Bryan, Rachel, Megan and Shana.  I hope you have enjoyed all their contributions throughout September, I know I have.

I’ve been considering what I should write about in this column and I haven’t been able to nail down just one thing.  So, I’m going to give you a little bit of everything on my mind at the moment.

Few things give me more joy that eliminating the last month's worth of notes and numbers.

First, I think I wrote about this last year, but I have far too much joy in tearing off the last month of my desk calendar at the beginning of every new month.  Truthfully I may enjoy this even more than receiving my monthly paycheck – probably because these days you don’t really get to cash a check and feel the money – you just receive a statement on your e-mail saying it was deposited.  Tearing the calendar sheet is like having a clean start on the first of every month.  All those scribblings and chicken scratches just get washed away.  It’s very gratifying.  I’m thinking I’m not the only one who likes this and I may have to ask this very question in the Deadspin Funbag.

Second, I wanted to reiterate what Shana wrote in her entry on Tuesday, how nice it was to see Karin Treese Bauer go into the W&L Athletic Hall of Fame.  I was at W&L for just one of Treese’s four seasons at W&L, but it seemed like more since she was a dual-sport athlete.  She is the first athlete that I actually watched play on the fields of W&L to go into the hall.  It instills a sense of pride, but also much like was the case with Shana, it serves notice to just how old I am becoming.  Not sure if it was the 10-year waiting period required for consideration of induction or the fact that so many of the athletes I remember now have families – or the fact that I just realized I am twice the age of the first-years!

Sporting some Spartan green before the Notre Dame game.

Another random thought involved some e-mails between myself and Lynchburg SID Mike Carpenter.  Mike and I go way back as we went to college together and he was the best man at my wedding.  Mike’s wife went to Virginia Tech and Mike has been supportive of her love for the Hokies, attending some games and occasionally posting encouraging messages about Virginia Tech on facebook.  Given my extreme hatred for anything Virginia Tech football related (and most all Hokie fans), I decided to respond to one of his posts calling him a sellout.  This came back to haunt me when I decided to attend the Michigan State-Notre Dame football game on September 18.  You might remember this as the game where MSU won on a fake field goal in overtime, the play that nearly killed their coach with a heart attack.  Well, this game occurred during W&L’s football bye week and nobody loves the Spartans more than my wife, a 2000 Michigan State graduate.  I pulled some strings to get tickets to the game and to make it up to her for missing so many Saturdays working the W&L games, we drove the 20 hours roundtrip to East Lansing.  Of course I picked up some MSU gear and full-heartedly pulled for the Spartans in one of the most exciting games I’ve seen since the Generals’ fake-spike game in 2002.

Proof that I will root for the Nittany Lions when they play the Spartans. The 2008 game in Happy Valley was a good day for me and not such a great day for my wife and her family (all MSU alums)

Well, once the pictures of the trip went on facebook, Mr. Carpenter had a few things to say about my sellout comments. Oops. Never really thought about it that way and I convinced myself that it’s okay to support my wife’s team as long as it’s not playing my team.  In fact, I remain a Penn State fan and have rooted for the Nittany Lions with the same amount of vigor against MSU as I did when the Spartans took down the much-hated Irish.  I consider pulling for the Spartans in every game not involving Penn State to be okay and naturally I don’t consider myself a sellout because PSU is unequivocally still my favorite team.  Mike once was an Alabama fan, but now I question whether that is still the case.  Even with the Crimson Tide winning the National Title last season, a public statement of support for his team was lacking — but his support of the Hokies has not.  Does that suggest he is a sellout or just supporting his wife and her alma mater the same way I have supported mine?  Ahhh. The things that I think about when not writing about the Generals…

Until next month, go Spartans and more importantly, go Lions!!!


One Response to “Random Thoughts and Comments”

  1. Tom Mullenix Says:

    You should know that Mike C gets reminded every Spring about Alabama because the Lynchburg lacrosse coach Steve Koudelka has designed the lax helmets to look like “old school” Alabama football helmets. Check out a photo!

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