Happy Election Day


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

November 2, Election Day

Well here we are on November 2 and even though I’ve had the opportunity to turn the page on my desk calendar once again, I’m struggling to think about what to write about.  Truthfully, I’ve become much better at suggesting content for others rather than creating my own original content for this website.  Sad for a writer I know.

Given that today is election day, I could choose to write about that.  But after consulting Nate and Rachel about that in the office this morning, I decided that maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea since politics seem to be a little too involved for something like this blog.  I must admit that I am very non-political and have voted just once in my life (last presidential election).  My wife Mindy has tried to persuade me to vote today, and I began writing this blog to say that I don’t know who is running and worse yet, I’m pretty indifferent.  But, alas, I have decided to do some research and head to the Presbyterian Church to vote this evening.  I hope that I can just vote to re-elect whoever it was that pushed through for Virginia to up its speed limit to 70 mph in rural areas.  My commute to and from work just got a little quicker and I love it!

Since I can’t seem to find one common topic to write about today, I’ll continue to keep it light and write about some more meaningless issues that may just strike a cord.

I started thinking about this after Mindy and I purchased some candy for the trick or treaters on Sunday.  How many people out there end up buying the candy that you like just in case you have some left over?  I know we did!

After a rush of four trick or treaters in about 10 minutes on Sunday, I thought we were going to run out of candy and luckily Mindy picked up two more bags at the store around six o’clock just in case.

Is there anything out there more delicious than Reese's Peanut Butter Cups?

We had a grand total of four more trick or treaters after she returned leaving us with heaping amounts of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats.  Though I was having fun handing out candy and experiencing trick or treaters for the first time in forever (I used to live on Ross Road which is a little too far outside of Lexington for children to trick or treat), I must admit that I wasn’t disappointed to see leftovers of my two favorite candies.

I’m not much of a sweet-toother actually, but sometimes I do get the craving and if you are going to have some left over, it might as well be something that you would throw in with your lunch for dessert … or that you can sneak into the pantry and devour while watching the end of the Monday Night Football game and the World Series like last night.  Now I can’t stop.  I give that candy one shot in 10 at making it through the weekend.  Now, if it were say …  Whoppers or Tootsie rolls … that is a different story.  Those might stay in that pantry until the walls start falling down around it.

On to my final subject for today and it deals with my beloved Philadelphia Eagles – well sort of.

We had a good run of success in the 11 years that Donovan McNabb was our quarterback.  During that span from 1999-2009, McNabb helped guide the Eagles to five NFC East titles, eight NFC playoff berths, five NFC Championship games and one NFC Championship that resulted in the Eagles playing in the 2005 Super Bowl.

Through it all, I considered McNabb to be a good quarterback.  I was not a McNabb hater like many out there, but I also was not in love with him being our quarterback.  There are those that would scream and say ‘how is this possible’ given the team’s success with him under center, but I definitely never fully embraced him.  I am not alone in this and many would try to point to race as a factor in this.  I disagree in that he could have been the color of his college mascot Otto the Orange and I would have loved him if not for the fact I could not identify with him.  I feel like his coaches probably feel the same way.

Another one of Donovan's great joking moments that was not so funny.

I am writing this because I feel some sense of vindication for my feelings towards McNabb now that the Redskins coaches and fans are starting to experience the pheonominon.  I can’t put my finger on why McNabb is in a constant state of controversy, but maybe it’s that both organizations and their fans are starting to realize that perhaps McNabb isn’t the reason for all those conference titles and playoff berths.

Listen, I’m not saying that we didn’t win because of him, but I am saying that many of the things that frustrated me are starting to show to everyone.  The low completion percentages because of the poor throwing mechanics, the antics that people just don’t think are funny because football is serious business to front offices and fans.  Last but not least, his poor clock management skills and inability to come through in the clutch.  I have been screaming about this for years and never was it more evident than the Super Bowl.  The coaches took the blame on that one, but plenty of teammates have stepped forward to mention that it was McNabb that slowed the offense late in the game.  People thought I was going to have a stroke when this was going down.

Interesting now that Mike Shanahan pulled McNabb on Sunday and allowed Rex Grossman to run his 2-minute drill against the vaunted (sarcasm) Lions defense.  And now, there are a lot of questions surrounding McNabb.  Are Andy Reid and Mike Shanahan both crazy?  Have they not won enough games to know a lame duck QB when they see one?

I started to let go of any good feelings about what McNabb did for my team when Jeff Garcia took over in 2006 and led the Eagles to the playoffs.  From that day on I believed that we won despite our QB.  This article from the sports blog Bleacher Report agrees:


And now, there is this line from Peter King’s column on SI.com today:

“I think the Redskins have long-term questions about Donovan McNabb’s work ethic, mechanics, footwork and ability to play well in the clutch.”

People, this was the lead to the story.  Hello.  I warned my friends who are Skins’ fans what they were getting and they thought I was crazy to refer to him in this way.  Maybe all those Philly fans, including me, weren’t just angry, racist McNabb haters after all.  Maybe we just knew what everyone is now finding out — that McNabb just isn’t as great as many would believe.  We’ll take that third round pick from Washington, THANK YOU!

Happy election day everyone.


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