Road Trippin’


By: Adam Huchinson
Head Men’s Basketball Coach

For much of America, the culminating moment of college basketball is watching “One Shining Moment” at the end of the NCAA Division I Championship.  That segment represents the dreams, talents, heartbreaks, and triumphs of thousands of college basketball players, boiled down to a 3 minute clip.  The one thing that all college athletes are intimately familiar with that never makes it into “One Shining Moment”:  buses.

Road trips can be both exciting and tedious, often at the same time.  Given the length of basketball season, and the great investment of time by the athletes, you always want road trips to have a “feel good”.  Generally the enjoyment of road trips is primarily affected by the outcome of the game or games.  But there is on other variable: food.

Team meals can be a tremendous bonding experience and are an important part of every season.  This is true about the bad stops that your team can laugh about, and the good stops that your players can’t wait to hit the next time we play in that area.  Most of my former players think that I love Cracker Barrel, because it seems like we eat there on every trip.  Honestly guys, I don’t.  It just so happens that there is a Cracker Barrel a perfect distance from every single ODAC opponent that we play.  Listed below are my 6 favorite eateries from my 8 years of W&L basketball trips.

The Shark Bar, NYC – Exposed brick interior, subdued lighting, good music, friendly wait staff, and soul food that is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Recommendation: try the blackened catfish, yams, collard greens and wings.

BD’s Mongolian BBQ, Cleveland Heights, OH – Definitely a 17-22 year old kind of vibe, but the food is really good, and it’s all you can eat.  Fill your bowl with whatever you see, and tell them to cook it up.  Just remember to save room for dessert.  Recommendation:  The apple caramel cobbler sundae is huge and delicious.  Plan on not eating for 24 hours before and after.

The Original Texas Wiener, Plainfield, NJ – This is a sentimental choice for me.  I remember eating here when I was a small kid, and I later learned to drive because my mother would send me over to get dogs.  Classic NJ cuisine.  Single counter, 3 stools, nothing else.  I am pretty sure the same family has owned this establishment since 1975.  Recommendation:  chilli dog with everything on it.  Just don’t get back on a bus for a 6 hour drive back to Lex after eating here.

Paschals, Atlanta GA – Great music and ambiance, terrific soul food.  Recommendation:  shrimp etouffee.

Eats, Atlanta GA – Aptly named establishment, since the food is the only reason to recommend the place.  It looks like an old auto parts store that they neglected to redecorate, and your order will come on a paper plate and wrapped in tinfoil.  Nonetheless, the food is delicious.  Recommendation:  whatever they are cooking, you should be eating.

Pizzeria Uno – I don’t know exactly where in northern VA, this is, but we stopped here after playing in DC a couple of seasons ago.  Recommendation: the Uno.  Can’t beat Chicago Style deep dish pizza.

As opening night approaches I am looking for good places to eat, so please feel free to respond with recommendations (especially for the upcoming Philly trip).  For ODAC games, I need something, ANYTHING, besides Cracker Barrel!


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