By: Megan Moore
Assistant Women’s Lacrosse Coach

“Come tournament time, we remind each other of winter, come winter, we remind each other of tournament time; and in between, we’re looking forward to both.” Inside Lacrosse writer Tommy Kehoe, and former Gettysburg Bullet, captured the essence of a lacrosse season last January in his article “Pre-Season Lacrosse isn’t for the Weak.” When a former teammate of mine and current assistant coach at Gettysburg passed the article onto me last winter, I got chills reading it, and not just from the memories of fighting brutal battlefield winds on Clark Field or the foreboding thought of what awaited me on Liberty Hall Fields.

Now, before I hear a peep out of those claiming there to be parts of the world SO much colder, (you know who you are), let me agree with you. There are locales more worthy of braving the elements than both Lexington and Gettysburg, and my hat goes off to those of you who’ve endured, but spending two to three hours in 30 degree temperatures is taxing, no matter the latitude. But it’s worth it. This is my favorite time of year. That’s not true, early April when the first 60 degree pre-game practice arrives and we can spend the last 45 minutes of daylight playing seven v. seven because we finally look that good, that’s my favorite time of year. This is a different kind of favorite. It’s the hate part of the love-hate relationship almost every athlete has with their sport. It’s the uphill mean that justifies the end.

And what Mr. Kehoe said is exactly that, lacrosse players spend a month’s worth of practice with what seems like no end in sight reminding each other that this will be worth it, and when it is worth it, they look back and remember the bitter practices and early morning wake ups that got them there.  They laugh at the drills they trudged through with snow bunches on their sweats and at the sprints they ran for not executing when the wind drowned out their coach’s directions. This is “team bonding” in its truest form, when teammates come to call each other best friends. They will get sick of each other, but they’ll get over it and be brought together, mostly by their less than pleasant feelings for the person screaming at them to get back on the line. Only screaming to be heard over the wind though, right.

So, in the name of lax, I say bring it on winter.

Now, if we can just get through Formal Rush…

Just one more quick thing: “tournament time” for another sport is upon us. Although it’s more commonly known as the NFL Playoffs.  Go Ravens.


One Response to “Preseason”

  1. David Sharretts Says:

    Just read your blog !!! must have been written awhile ago but we loved reading it. Unfortunately the Ravens did not “GO”. Your blogs are terrific.

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