Enter the Thrisis


By: Shana Levine
Associate Athletic Director

Clark is in the yellow jersey on the right

My husband, Clark, turned 30 this past weekend and we celebrated in his home state of Indiana.  Just listening to the conversations over this past weekend I quickly realized that things have changed since I entered my 30s a few years back.  There is a whole new word that has been “invented” (or whatever the correct terminology is for creating a new word) to describe entering your thirties and all that comes with that.  It used to be that one was limited to having a mid-life crisis in their 50s which entitled them to buy an expensive car that they wished they had owned in their 20s.  And, sometimes date someone that resembles someone they also wish they had dated in their 20s.  The entire idea of a midlife crisis is one thinks the best years are behind them and go about trying to relive their youth.  Then, the idea of a quarter life crisis popped up – this is the time period following college where you ask yourself – this is the wonderful, promise land that I studied so hard for in college?  As you go to work everyday and get paid very little money compared to your rent and loans, it occurs to you that maybe I should not have sacrificed “insert theme” party to study for my freshman year chemistry test.  Or, worse, you find yourself living back at home after college with parents that seem to have forgotten that it has been 5 years since you were last there and you are now (1) quite capable of waking yourself up and (2) over the age of 21.

All that being said, I learned from a very trusted friend (he’s a doctor, so clearly trustworthy) that there is now a period of time that is officially referred to as a Thrisis.  It’s a catchy term, I’ll give you that.  So, I am thinking that you are having the exact same thought I did this weekend – what the heck is a Thrisis?  Even though the previously-mentioned friend is very trustworthy, I decided to Google the term myself.  And, who knew, it’s apparently a real thing.  I wish this term had been around when I turned 30 – it would have been very helpful to be able to categorize that time in my life with a catchy term.  I feel like a missed out on a major life-crisis opportunity.  Rats.

So, according to Google, the term Thrisis originated when British author, Kasey Edwards, wrote 30 Something and Over It.  It’s the feeling of uneasiness you experience when you hit the big 3-0.  The idea behind a thrisis is you have reached many of the goals you have set for yourself – career, relationships, house or nicer apartment and you wake up and ask yourself – “Is this it?”  and “Is this really what it means to be an adult?”  Apparently, you are dealing well with a Thrisis when you are realize that the feeling of fulfillment you are looking for is not going to come from your job, but from what you spend the rest of your time doing.  My question – where do I find that “rest of the time”?  Hence, the Thrisis.

Other interesting notes from this weekend in Indianapolis.  While not related to a Thrisis, there were some other tidbits to be taken away from the birthday weekend.

I listen to sports talk radio often, probably too often.  As a result, I am very aware and well-versed on the collective bargaining agreement issues going on in the NFL.  However, I was not prepared for how significant a topic this is in Indianapolis.  It makes a lot of sense once you think about it – Indianapolis is set to host the super bowl next February, the city contributed dollars to have additional hotels built in the downtown area and Peyton Manning is not getting any younger and time off would not help him at all.  In fact, while trying to book a meeting for next February in Indianapolis, we found out that all the hotels are keeping all rooms blocked from Feb 1-14th as a contingency plan in case the super bowl gets backed due to an extended lockout by the owners.  Crazy.

Final thing to note on the weekend – when you spend too much time in a soccer bar early in the morning, bad things happen.  And we definitely spent way too much time in our favorite soccer bar in Indianapolis – The Chatham Tap (aka The Tap).  It is an English bar with an amazing beer selection and they open early to show the English Premier League games.  This is great – except when it coincides with a birthday weekend – then it is trouble.  So, Saturday the 12th (Clark’s actual 30th birthday) kicked off at 7:30am with the Manchester Derby – Manchester City v. Manchester United.  We had about 10-12 dedicated friends show up at 7:30am to help kickoff the celebration and about 8 made it through the entire slate of games.  Amazing bicycle kick goal by Rooney ensued – probably the best goal of the year so far.  For the 10am kickoff, we had two games alternating on the many TVs – Arsenal v. Wolves and Liverpool v. Wigan.  Clark is an Arsenal fan, so the victory was definitely celebrated.  Thank you, Willie.  After about a 30 minute intermission, which was a perfect lunch break., we capped off the afternoon with the 12:30 match – Sunderland v. Tottenham.

However, as you may recall I did mention that The Tap has a great beer selection.  And we were there from 7:30am until 3pm.  This is dangerous and resulted in a poor selection of jukebox music choices and signing by our group.  The Tap portion of the day culminated with one of our fiends “borrowing” the replica world cup trophy from Daniel (Tap owner) for picture time.  I definitely feel sorry for the folks that came in just for lunch that day.  But, it was a great way to start Clark’s 30th birthday celebration and wonderful way to jump into his Thrisis with two feet (but not Flamini style).


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