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Summer Update

July 26, 2011

By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

It’s quite obvious that we’ve taken an extended break from the Sidelines Blog but things are going to start picking up in the department as August approaches and I figured we should start getting you used to at least semi-regular entries here.

Not much has happened in the department since you last heard from us.  We’ve made a few hires, including naming Pete Gyscek as the new men’s and women’s golf coach.  There will be a few new assistant coaches roaming the fields this year as well.  New assistants always help keep things fresh around here and I’m sure the newbies will help energize everyone with some new ideas.

Many of the coaches, staffers and administrators have been taking vacations to recharge their batteries.  I haven’t heard many tales of exotic destinations, but just having some down time in the summer helps everyone recharge their batteries for the school year.  My break was taking the week of the 4th of July to head to the Outer Banks.  The beach isn’t always my perfect vacation image, but I must admit it was pretty nice to relax under an umbrella, hear the waves and hold a cold beverage in my hand.  It’s also the perfect spot for people-watching which is becoming one of my favorite pastimes when I don’t have more important things to do.

There have been a few weddings as well.  Head Athletic Trainer Josh Williamson wed his better half Lauren on June 25 here on campus, while Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Brooke Diamond and Assistant Football Coach Brendan O’Brien became the O’Briens with a July 2 wedding in Massachusetts.  Congratulations to both couples as they embark on their toughest year of marriage (going from experience on that one).

There have been a plethora of summer camps around campus over the past two months and I’m sure all were good though I know it left some coaches feeling like they needed another vacation!  I’m sure it will all pay off when that stud athlete decides to come to W&L because of the tremendous experience he/she had during camp.

As for myself, things are starting to kick into high gear.  I’m starting to feel the crunch of having only 35 days remaining before the first official contest of the 2011-12 school year – a women’s soccer game against North Carolina Wesleyan on September 1.  No matter how much gets done from June 1 – July 31, there always seems to be so much that needs to happen between August 1 –August 31.

Outside of work, I’m trying the best that I can to prepare for the latest big life experience that will occur with the birth of my first child expected in late September.  With just over two months remaining, I’m now working hard on preparing a nursery and taking classes that are supposed to help prepare you for something that I’m sure you can’t possibly be prepared for – the horrors of childbirth!  Watch the videos — That is some seriously scary sh@!. However, I’m sure it will also be life-changing in so many amazing ways.  Then comes trying to learn how to milk the little bit of sleep that I can during the busiest possible time of year.  If anything it will provide me with a wealth of interesting blog entries throughout the fall!  Stay tuned, it’s going to be a wild ride – both for the Generals and this soon to be panicking SID.