Life on the road


By: Brandon Uhl
Head Men’s Track & Field Coach

As a cross country and track & field coach, I travel most every weekend, and I enjoy that aspect of coaching. The opportunity to see some new places and revisit the old is welcome. However, in addition to the travel I have as a coach, I have my 40 min commute to campus and my 40 min commute back home almost every day of the week.

Some ask me, why I don’t move closer. Well, that’s a great question. The reason, I live where I live is for my wife and our funny farm of animals (4 dogs and 2 cats). My wife teaches south of where we live at Roanoke College. Therefore, she has a 20 min. commute and I have the 40 min. commute. What kind of deal is that? 🙂 We also live where we live for the health and well-being of two of our dogs that are bigger. They have invisible fencing around our 2 acres of land and it allows them to stay outside and dig holes all over the yard.

Well, getting back to my life on the road. I really don’t mind the daily commute. It’s amazing how used to driving you get. I turn on ESPN radio or rock out to some classic rock songs and before you know it, I’m at campus or home. The time when it gets to be annoying is when there is an accident on I-81 and you can’t get off to a back road.

The tractor trailer traffic is crazy on the intestate and the way some of them drive makes you wonder how they have the job. To make matters worse, if you’re traveling south on a Friday of home Saturday Virginia Tech football game, it’s almost bumper to bumper. I use to like VT tech when I lived up north, but now when I see all those vehicles with the flags and stickers on them while trying to get home, I get annoyed. I suppose it’s that way around Happy Valley for Penn State football games, and that’s the team I have always rooted for.

Life on the road has its moments, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else to be able to do what I do here at W&L.


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