If I won the lottery


By: Brian Laubscher
Sports Information Director

It’s November 4 and I’m up for a blog entry.  Aside from wondering where the time went between now and my last entry on October 4, my brain is pretty much dead when it comes to ideas.

I could write some more about my son Parker and truthfully having him in my life has been more than I could have ever expected.  I’m sure there will never be a dull moment for the rest of my days on this Earth.  But, my last entry was pretty much about him and I’d like to write about something else.  Then it hit me.  Today is Friday and the day is nearly done.  Besides making my 45-minute commute home, there’s one other thing on my agenda for today – something that I have done every Tuesday and Friday since I heard the words “I’m Pregnant”.  Before I leave town, I need to stop at the gas station and get a Mountain Dew so I have enough of a caffeine rush to survive the aforementioned commute.  I also purchase a ticket for the Mega Millions Lottery.

This outdoor kitchen/bar area would do

I know this sounds nuts, but I’ve always believed that I would someday win the lottery.  I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I believe that I was meant to spend my days playing golf and barbequing on the patio between my pool and the french doors that lead to the game room and bar area of my palatial estate.  Problem is that it’s hard to win the lottery unless you actually play.  I may have bought a ticket a total of 5-6 times (let’s clarify, a real ticket, not the scratchers that I sometimes give to family around Christmas time) over the first 36 years of my life (actually 18 years since you have to be 18 to play).

It wasn’t until I heard those two words in January that I started playing for real.  I guess it is that immediate sense of knowing that you’ve got to provide for your family and knowing that an SID salary is barely more than the cost of day care these days. So, I chose to start playing on a regular basis in hopes that this could set us up for good.

Of course I know the chances of winning are one in a gazillion, but tell that to the person in California that won $78 million in Tuesday’s drawing (I barely missed having the mega ball for a whopping $2 winner).  As I think about buying today’s ticket, I can’t help but think about what I would do with the money if I won.  So, here is today’s blog topic: What I would do if I won $12 million in tonight’s drawing.

The very first thing that I would do, aside from driving to Richmond to claim my loot, would be to set up a trust for Parker that would take care of his college education and provide a little start up cash for the beginning of his adult life.  I’d want him to have to work towards making his own way in life, but helping provide the platform and a little something to get started could do wonders in his life.

The next thing I would do is split up some cash to divide among family members.  You know, enough to take care of nieces and nephews’ college educations and perhaps pay off a few mortgages for brothers and sisters, moms and dads, etc.

After Mindy and I researched where we would like to call home (yes, this means I would likely leave W&L and look to move to a slightly more metropolitan area), I would build the house of my dreams on the hole of some pretty nice golf course.  I wish I already had the cash in hand and the architect renderings to show you, but that will have to wait for a little bit.  I can tell you Mindy would have the run of most of the house with regards to design and décor, but that gameroom/bar/patio/pool area is going to be all me.  She’d definitely be down since she asked me the other day if I had a five-tap kegerator, what five beers would I have on tap (perhaps those could be revealed in December’s blog entry).

I’m not big on buying a ton of cars so I’d probably settle on a nice luxury sedan (like a Mercedes or BMW), along with a full-size, four-door pickup truck.  Mindy could pick whatever she wanted, but I’m sure there would be an SUV in her queue.

As I mentioned earlier, I would quit my job.  Let me be clear that it’s not because I don’t love what I do.  I love my job.  It’s just that I wouldn’t want to continue doing it for 45-55 hours a week like I currently am doing.  I’d probably look to evenly split my time between the golf course, volunteering for some charitable organization (where I’ll also probably commit some cash resources), and volunteering my services to some SID office in the area on a game-by-game basis.  That would continue to fulfill the yearnings to continue being a stat nerd.

Lastly, I would probably set some money aside or invest some money to pay for a vacation schedule of 1-2 months per year that would allow for me to travel the world over the next 30 years taking in plenty of sights and foreign cultures for my family and I.  I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my days.

So there you have it, what I would do if I see six matching numbers when I look up the Mega Millions website tomorrow morning before my trip to Hampden-Sydney to see the Generals win their second-straight ODAC Championship.  Feel free to write in and let me know what you would do with $12 million.  Have a great weekend everybody!


3 Responses to “If I won the lottery”

  1. Tom Baynham Says:

    I read your blog about what you would do if you won the lottery. I understand that there are more exciting places to spend your retirement days than Lexington; however, I was recently walking the streets around my present home in Griffin, Georgia, a town similar in size to Lexington and other places I have lived, and found myself waxing nostalgic over the small towns in which I have found myself over the years. When the leaves turn and the wind grows chilly, I quite often find myself thinking about my four years in Lexington. Kicking the leaves on the brick sidewalks and admiring the red brick buildings and white columns against the mountains beyond. It always brought me a high measure of solace during exam week and times of homesickness. An odd mix of comfort and permanence.

  2. cunninghamn Says:

    If I won the lottery tomorrow I would NOT quit my job! ( even though some might be hoping I would) Go Generals!!
    Shame on you Laubs

  3. cristabel Says:

    If I ever won some serious money, I would persue my BIGGEST dreams, and open a fashion line, as well as create a cherity for the needy kids in El Salvador, and buy my mom a stress-free luxury house:)

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