The Giant Run


By: Brandon Uhl
Head Men’s Track & Field Coach

Hopefully I'll be seeing this again soon.

As a lifelong New York Football Giants fan, I’m very happy to see them back in the Super Bowl. It’s crazy to think that after the way they were playing mid-season that they would be in position to win another Super Bowl.

On the Men’s track and field team here at W&L, we all have our favorite football teams. During the fall, Monday’s often become a time for joking around about how each of our teams faired that Sunday. I personally took some shots when the Giants were on a long losing streak and their coaching staff was on the hot seat.

Now that the Giants have obviously righted the ship and the coaching staff has saved their jobs for another year, I could tell everyone how great the Giants are and be that overzealous fan. That’s not my style; I like to remain quietly confident in the Giants.

That’s exactly what they’ve done as a team and coaching staff.  When it seemed like they were down and out, they started getting healthy and playing with confidence. They became a team on a roll (eerily similar to 2007 postseason run).

As fate would have it, there’s now the rematch of that same Super Bowl back in 2008 against those Patriots, lead by Brady and Belichick. I personally like Belichick;  back in 1986 and 1990 he was the Giants defensive coordinator, and those defenses were nasty, just like the one they have now can be.

The rematch has me a little worried. Everyone knows the Patriots haven’t forgotten about the Giants ruining their perfect season. I’m also in a little wager with an athlete on our team who is a Patriots fan from Foxborough, MA. If the Patriots win the game, I have to wear the cut off sleeved hooded sweatshirt like Belichick wears at our first outdoor meet. That could be funny to see!

However, wearing that goofy sweatshirt hopefully is not going to happen. Hopefully, Eli Manning is going to prove that he is an elite quarterback like he said at the beginning of the year and caught tons of flak for doing. The defense will hopefully cause Brady to have flashbacks to 2008 when he was flustered and out of character.

All that being said, let’s hope for football fans everywhere that it’s a good game and the commercials are funnier than ever. To all the Giants fans out there, ALL-IN!


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