Speaking Syracuse


By: Brittani Sahm
Sports Information Assistant

With the ODAC Tournament beginning this week for basketball, and March Madness right around the corner, I feel like this would be a great opportunity to talk about my favorite collegiate sports team, Syracuse University. 🙂

The Dome!

Just in case you forgot, I grew up about 20 minutes outside the city of Syracuse. I didn’t travel to the city a lot, but I did make sure to take the occasional trip to the “Dome” as us natives call it. From what I remember that name is short for Carrier Dome, but I honestly have no idea what the full name is…

Anyway, the men’s basketball team is having their best season in the history of the program, losing just one lousy game to a deserving Notre Dame. I was disappointed and probably said a few too many profanities at the TV that night, but the team has bounced back and things are looking good once again.

Bounced back may not be appropriate, as they had to win Sunday’s game against Rutgers in the final minute. I also was not happy about that. I guess I’m taking the Jim Boeheim approach to coaching the team through the year: Tell them they suck after every game. It must be working, I mean SU is first in the Big East and second in the nation. My kicking and screaming at the TV and computer must really boost their morale, even while I’m 500 miles away.

The team may have the best record in all of Division I, but their performances on the court really aren’t supportive of this fact. First of all, any fan of basketball can see they cannot rebound to save their lives. The huge Brazilian, Fab Melo, can’t do everything on the defensive end. Melo is already one of the best blockers in the country and scares the life out of people. I firmly believe the major reason SU lost to Notre Dame was the fact that Melo was not there to grab the ball, or even swat it out of bounds. Give the guy some credit, you know you wouldn’t want to try to score on him.

Brandon Triche

Speaking of guys on the team, I’m telling everyone to watch junior guard Brandon Triche. Not only is he my favorite player, born and raised right in Central NY, he has a beautiful jump shot. I’m probably biased of course. Either way, keep an eye on him next time you decide to watch some good basketball.

And even though we may be having the best year record-wise, Syracuse has not been able to play well during March Madness in the last few years. Sports fans alike know the feeling of being highly disappointed in the postseason after your team had a phenomenal regular season. I am also a fan of the Green Bay Packers and the Miami Heat so I know what heartache that brings. I still shed a tear or two when someone mentions football. It’s just too painful.

I’m hoping this year will be the year it all changes though, that SU can once again take home that precious trophy. They should do it before they leave the Big East anyway. Even better, they could win the Big East Tournament AND become National Champions. Now that would be the perfect way to leave their mark on one of the most talented basketball conferences in the country. Something has to keep these memories alive before I have to suffer through Duke and UNC games during the 2013-14 season…


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