The best dad problems


By: Nate Shearer
Head Wrestling Coach

Snowmen are always a good activity for sons and daughters

I have one of the best problems a Dad can have: a daughter who is very much hands on with her brother. My daughter, Nala, is 6 yrs. old and attends Waddell Elementary school. My son, Knox, is 8 months old and is home schooled. A year ago this past Christmas we wrapped an “I’m a big sister shirt” under the tree for our daughter. Without a doubt this was her best present she received. With a June 25th due date our only mistake was giving this information away so soon. Instead of answering “are we there yet” as you would on a family vacation it became “is he here yet” for the next 7 months. The day finally arrived. A newborn baby makes me nervous because of their fragility. Even though the doctors and nurses sling them around like it’s no big deal. Nala was even more hands on than we anticipated. My wife and I were handling a piece of fine china (Knox) while Nala was serving him 5 course meals from a play kitchen in her doll’s high chair. Knox needed protective custody! We would lay him down on his back to stretch and kick and turn around to see Nala making him do log rolls across the floor. As he increases in mobility the stakes are raised. Nala walks around the house with Knox flailing in her arms as they both laugh and shout. Just like a UPS parcel I feel he is now able to withstand a waist high fall. Nala takes to being a big sister as though earning a badge of honor. It’s the most important thing to her.

Like I said, a good problem to have

Nala’s understanding of Knox’s limits is much improved (although she did want to spray him with the hose while washing the car a few days ago). Her adaption to Knox being a part of the family has been incredible. She eagerly reads him books, sings songs, plays games, and helps get him dressed. Knox did ruin a good thing we had going when he took a pee on her while she was helping with a change. I cannot blame her because I would draw the same line in the sand. I am really enjoying this harmonious time because when Knox starts to use dolls/Barbie’s as sacrificial prisoners of war I’m sure things will change.


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