The fall is coming, the fall is coming, oh wait its here!


By: Nat St. Laurent
Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach

Jaylin’s first day of preschool

Three very short months ago our men’s lacrosse team finished our season with a tough loss in the conference championship game.  On the way home I remember reflecting on our season and being so proud of the young men in our program and what they were able to accomplish.  Then it hit me…in a few weeks myself and the rest of the coaching staff would hit the summer recruiting trail, or should I say it was going to hit us!  So with a smile on our face and full of excitement and enthusiasm we started down the recruiting trail.  After two months of recruiting we found ourselves exhausted, sunburned, mind and body completely numb.  It was okay because the fall was approaching and we have some down time to get ready for another great season of Generals athletics!

I started noticing the fall coaches flying around the offices getting ready for their players to return to campus.  I kept thinking wow, wont be long now, fall is coming.

Then, things at home were changing as well.  My wife, Cristin, is a kindergarten teacher here at one of the local elementary schools. She began talking about having to go into school and get her classroom ready.  Yes, fall is coming indeed.

My wife and I are blessed with two little girls Jaylin (3 years old) and Janessa (1 year old).  In what was a very proud moment for me, I was able to take Jaylin to her first day of pre-school.  After dropping her off and being full of mixed emotions as I drove away, I started thinking man, where did the summer go?

After watching a few fall practices and talking with some of the coaches I realized that the summer was about over.  Then it finally happened!  ESPN aired its first episode of “All Access” featuring Urban Myer and my beloved Ohio State Football team.  It was in that moment that I knew summer had ended, and fall has arrived!

This weekend the majority of our fall teams will put on their uniforms and officially kickoff the fall season.  Time to wake up Generals Nation!  Fall is here so let’s get fired up for another great year of Generals athletics, Go Generals!

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