Vertically Challenged Advantages


By: Brittani Sahm
Sports Information Assistant

As you can see, I’m always the shortest one in every picture.

With football season underway, wouldn’t it be great for me to boast about my beloved Packers dominating the Bears last Thursday? Maybe, but instead I’m going to talk about another great challenge I myself have overcome throughout my entire life: being vertically challenged. And by that, I mean I’m short. Probably shorter than the average teenager even before they hit puberty.

I would feel like the luckiest person in the world if one day I finally stretched to 5’ 2”. That’s not the case, but at 5’ 1.25” (Yes, the quarter inch DOES count) a girl can only dream. Most people only look at the downsides of being short, like my college track and field coach basically telling me I’ll never be faster than my tall competitors, because, well, they have longer legs. I’m here to break the stereotype and let the world know all of the benefits I’ve reaped from being the short one my whole life.

1. I can still fit into children’s clothes and shoes.

They’re cheap and cute and work just as well as the adult products. I have saved so much money over the years being able to buy these things. It sounds strange because adults wouldn’t normally venture into that territory unless they have kids of their own, but I can assure you spending almost 50% less on all of that stuff adds up over time. At size 6 in women’s shoes, I can buy size 5 in children. My friends were the suckers in college when they had to buy a new pair of running sneakers every four months and spent $80-120 on each. Me, on the other hand, averaged around $50 a pair. Not bad for a broke college kid.

2. I can sleep ANYWHERE.

Couches, beds, recliners, you name it. I really am never uncomfortable because my body can squeeze into any place it needs to. I’ve never had a problem with my legs hanging off the edge of the bed and most couches are longer than I am tall. I actually had no idea why college beds were extra long because I had never run into the issue of being too tall for something. Okay, maybe the Play Place at McDonald’s, but that’s more of an age issue as to why they probably wouldn’t let me go in.

3. Heels are my best friend.

I can literally wear heels whenever I want. I won’t look any different than the average person at that point and every girl wants to be able to have a full shelf of them. Unfortunately, I can’t buy those in the children’s section, but I splurge every so often on a cute pair of shoes.

4. I always have the best views.

This one sounds strange, but it is probably the truest of them all. I have been to multiple concerts, shows, games, etc. where people are trying to move to the front of the crowd to get the best view. Then everyone sees me, the poor short girl who literally can’t see over anyone. And then they feel bad, which means I move to the front and no one complains because I am obviously not blocking their view. Please keep feeling bad for me J

5. My size is always convenient (except when I try to reach the cupboards…).

Short people don’t have trouble with much, besides reaching high things. There are a plethora of other daily things I am able to do that most people find annoying. The most common situation would be fitting into cars. That is definitely never an issue for me. Whether it is the back of a two-door car or having to squish my legs in the middle seat where that annoying hump sits or even just getting into a short car. By the way, my dream car is a Turbocharged Mini Cooper, packing a lot of power in a small frame.

There are plenty of other reasons why being short is definitely not a bad thing. There are also plenty of reasons why its inconvenient, but I have learned to adapt to those situations over the many years of being just over five feet tall. I haven’t grown since eighth grade so I have had lots of time to practice.


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