On Island Time


By: Christine Clancy
Head Women’s Basketball Coach


I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Christine Clancy and I am starting my first year as the new Head Women’s Basketball Coach at W&L. I’m not new to W&L (I was the assistant last year), so I like to say that I am half new, half old. I was born and raised in a small coastal town in southern Maine about 730 miles (or 13 hours non-stop in a car) Northeast of Lexington. After hearing that I am from Maine, I often get asked, “how the heck did you end up in Southwest Virginia?”. I am a college basketball coach, I’m passionate about working at the NCAA Division III level, and I won’t settle for anything less than one of the top Liberal Arts Colleges in the country, and W&L matched all of my criteria, not to mention, a winter in Lexington versus a winter in Maine.

The ferry – Where island time begins

I grew up in Yarmouth, Maine. A town that is famous for it’s annual Clam Festival, Eartha (The world’s largest revolving and rotating globe), and for sharing a border with Freeport (home of LL Bean and known for it’s outlet shops). In recent years, my family has acquired a cottage on Peaks Island, a small island off the coast of Portland, ME. Although I grew up in Yarmouth, I now say I’m from Peaks. Peaks is a little slice of paradise. The best place to go for a summer retreat. The “islanders” are a special brew of artists, writers, lobstermen, fishermen, and out-of-staters that have migrated or retired to the island life. Between the pets and the people, there are a lot of unique and recognizable characters, many are known by a descriptor and not always by a name (ie: the Purple Lady, – a woman who always wears purple). My family has recently earned the rank of “islanders” – my mom is known as the lady with the camera (I like to call her the stalkerazzi) and my dad as the guy in the green golf cart (golf carts are the best way to get around the island). I am known to some, as the tall basketball coach.

Pure Heaven!

I got a chance to go home to Peaks the first week of August. The weather in the South is perfect from September-May, but once summer hits and the humidity is in full swing, this Mainer starts to melt!  I flew into the Portland International Jetport (the name is bigger than the airport) on Tuesday evening, my brother picked me up, and we hustled into the “city” to catch the 10:15pm Ferry. Once you step onto the ferry to Peaks, you are officially on “island time” (aka, you never know or care what time it is). My dad was waiting in the golf cart to take us to the cottage. It took me 2 planes, 2 cars, a boat, and a golf cart to get from Lexington to the Dragonfly (the name of our cottage) on Peaks! When I left Lexington, we were pushing 95-100 all I wanted to do was jump into the Maine ocean. My week on Peaks, it was 75-80, sunny, and there was no humidity. I swam in the ocean everyday (we’re talking 65 degree water on a good day!), ate lobster, spent time with family and friends, read, walked (it’s about 3.5miles around the island), and rode in the golf cart. There is truly no better way to recover from a month of recruiting than to go to Peaks!

Although I’m no longer on the Island a part of me is always on island time.  I think that has helped me adjust to the small, southern, slow paced town of Lexington!

2 Responses to “On Island Time”

  1. Georgeanne J. Ingram Says:

    Break a leg Clancy! Gary and I were married on The Peaks.

  2. Cook Joanne Says:

    Good luck with your position this year!

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