20 Facts About Me


By: Chip Whipple
Assistant Sports Information Director

As many of you know from reading this blog, where my boss Brian mentioned it a few weeks ago, or if you frequently checked generalssports.com during the summer, I’m the new assistant sports information director at W&L. To find out more about me, you could read my bio and get all the information about what school I went to or what I did before I came here, but instead I thought I’d give you a little more insight into the life and mind of Chip Whipple in 20 tidy facts (in no specific order).

1. I’m a diehard Cleveland sports fan. I know what you all are thinking. It’s what everyone thinks or says when I tell people that – “All that’s too bad that you root exclusively for teams that are either terrible or find just the perfect time to lose a game.” But what else am I going to do. I’m 27 years in, and it’s too late to change now.

2. As much as I love all Cleveland sports, the Cavaliers and the NBA in general are my go to sport to watch and talk about. I’ll watch all 82 Cavs games if I can, which means I’m one of those fools who spends extra money so I can watch my team go 25-57.

3. I’ve been married for over two years to my much better half Lydia. She’s just wonderful. I could spend an entire blog post talking about how lucky I am to have her as my wife.

Lydia and I

4. I’m a family guy when it comes down to it. Lydia and I don’t have any children yet, but my family has always been the closest people to me. My dad has almost always been my best friend, my brothers and I were usually getting into something growing up (and still do even as adults) and my mom, well, she loves us all unconditionally. What more could I ask for.

5. I’m a Christian. I’m not the type of person that is going to throw my beliefs down your throat, and I also try to be as judgment free as humanly possible. There are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to Christians, and I just ask that you get to know me before lumping me in with everything you’ve seen and heard.

6. I’m a dog guy and not a cat guy. Listen, it’s not that I have anything against cats, but I just don’t like evil creatures walking around my house. I’m kidding I don’t have anything against cats, but seriously, if you have any questions email me at catsareevil@dogsrule.com.

7. As you can see from the above fact, I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor, and am usually pretty heavy handed with the sarcasm. It may not always go over the way I intend, but I’m probably not going to stop trying.

8. I try to not take myself too seriously. I understand there are lots of things in this world to take seriously, like my work, my finances, the score of the Cavs’ game, etc., but for the most part I’m pretty easy going.

9. My real name’s not Chip. Plot twist! You’ve spent the last eight facts getting to know Chip Whipple and it’s not actually my name. If you’ve received an email from me you know it is Nathaniel Whipple. Before you ask, I got the nickname Chip on the day of my birth from the television show My Three Sons. In the show, the third son was named Chip, and I also happen to be the third son. My aunt Beth thought it would be funny and the name stuck.

10. I go by a variety of nicknames. Odd right? You would think with one nickname already I wouldn’t need any more, but people throughout my life have called me Chipple, Chipster, Chipper, Chipple-Whipple, Chipotlé, Chippy, ChipDip, Whipster, Whip, Whipsaw, and many, many others. Let’s just say if you call me by some version of my name I’ll probably answer.

11. I’m an avid video-game player. I’ve had a lot of video game systems (and games) over the years, and whenever I get a chance I still like to have the sticks (that’s joysticks for those who don’t know the jargon) in my hands.

12. I really like reading. I know what some of you are thinking – BORING. I usually read between 10-15 books a year, and thank goodness for E-readers because I don’t think my wife or me wanted to buy another bookshelf. I read all shapes and sizes:  sports books, fantasy adventures, biographies, mysteries, you name it. I’ll read almost anything, except for romance trash like Twilight.

Perfect swing

13. I enjoy golfing but am horribly average at it. I can hit a good shot every now and then, and shoot right around 100 when I get a full round in. But as assistant coaches Brian Smith and Jonathan Webb can attest, sometimes I get in a bunker and am like a 4-year old in a sandbox (I move the dirt all around, but don’t get a lot accomplished).

14. I love chicken wings. By far my favorite food. I don’t mean battered and fried chicken wings. I mean deep-fried covered in buffalo sauce or some other fantastic wing sauce. If you make great wings or know where to get them I’ll try them, but I’m kind of a snob when it comes to wings.

15. I eat an apple everyday for lunch along with a snack pack. Here’s the thing, the apple has to be a Granny Smith and the snack pack has to be chocolate fudge. No substitutes.

16.  I’ve had the same haircut since kindergarten. Hard to believe I know, but whether at a barbershop or cutting it myself at home, I’ve had a shaved head since I was about 5 years old. It’s varied on how long I’ll let it grow before I cut it (I’m at the point where I shave my head once a week), but anytime I’ve gotten a haircut in the last 22 years it has been the exact same cut.

17. I do not own a pair of jeans. For whatever reason, I’m not comfortable wearing jeans. I’ll wear khaki’s, slacks, gym shorts, sweat pants (although not often), but have only worn jeans twice in the last 13 years. Each time I wore them it was to appease someone who wanted to know what I looked like in jeans.

18. I didn’t get my drivers license until a month before my 21st birthday. There are a lot of reasons for this, but mostly because I didn’t have any desire to pay for gas and insurance. I lived within walking distance of my high-school job, I bummed rides from my brother or girlfriend when I needed it other times and I didn’t need it for my first couple of years at college. I only ended up getting it at the time, because I had an internship the summer I turned 21 and needed to get the license because the television station I interned at was an hour from my parents’ house.

19. This is the farthest south I’ve ever lived. I grew up in Northeast Ohio in the small town of Madison, spent six years in Ashland, Ohio, two years in Lebanon, N.H., and now reside in Lexington.

20. Finally, I’m about as friendly and as open as they come. If you want to come say hi to me before or after a W&L game feel free (be forewarned if you try during a game or immediately before or after a game I’ll probably be too busy to say anything but hi). Working in sports for a living should be fun, and a majority of the time it is. Half the fun is the people you get to interact with and meet, so I look forward to meeting and talking with more of you here in Lexington.

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