By: Alison Kapuska
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Ahh, homecoming memories!

Homecoming — It’s the time of year when Alumni from all over the place come back to relive the best 4 years (sometimes more) of their lives. I have already had my first sighting in the athletic training room of a former athlete. All I could think is what are you doing here? It’s a strange feeling to know that the athletes you have seen all through out their college career have gone on to graduate and lead lives in the real world.  It not only puts my time here at W&L in perspective but also reminds me of my college days.

Way back when… just kidding back in 2004 I attended St. Cloud State University in Minnesota for college. My homecoming experience was slightly different. Although the school has thousands of graduates many would not return for such events like here at W&L. There wouldn’t be signs in the streets or events sponsored by the university. The biggest draw would be Men’s Ice hockey game and the festivities that occurred in the downtown that day. But even then it was always memorable when my sorority sisters would invade our house for the weekend. Some of my best homecoming memories came from my first two years in college. As a sorority we would offer Safe Rides home during the Friday/Saturday nights of homecoming, which was similar to Traveller. Imagine riding Traveller sober during homecoming…. I have stories trust me!

But enough my time reminiscing this weekend holds a great deal in store for the students, staff and Alumni of W&L. There are many events that should be a lot of fun. On the athletics side we have football, field hockey, men & women’s soccer, and a couple of alumni games.  They will be happening around the same time so I’m bummed I can’t see everything but I hope to see many familiar faces in the crowd.  It should make out to be an exciting afternoon cheering the Generals on to victory!


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