October 15


By: Christine Clancy
Head Women’s Basketball Coach

It’s not basketball all the time- on Day 5, we rewarded their hard work and gave their legs a day off with a pumpkin carving competition

As a Division III basketball coach there are few dates that affect your life more than October 15th– the first official day of practice. Every year we wait with anticipation for the day when our 8-hour work days turn into 12-14 hour days. It is the first day that we get to see all of our players (returners and freshmen) on the same court playing together. The first month and a half of the school year is a tease. All of our players are back on campus and they are working hard together to get ready for the season. The team played pick-up 4-5 times per week and as coaches until October 15th, we’re not allowed to watch them. It is very hard to walk by the gym, knowing your team is playing, and not stop to watch- a little like walking by a plate of cookies fresh from the oven without grabbing one!

It’s been just about 7 and ½ months since the end of our previous season and finally, October 15th was my first chance to get out on the court with my new team in my first year as head coach. Although the days are longer, they are more fun and I am reminded why I coach. Basketball is a great game. It’s fun to teach, play, and coach. Now I get to spend the majority of my day planning practice, meeting with players, watching game film, and running practice.

I have a young team made up of 6 returners and 5 first-years. What excites me most about this group is their energy, work ethic, and most of all their “coach-ability.” The returners are providing great leadership and our first years are eager to learn. There is nothing more satisfying as a coach than giving a player feedback- an adjustment to her game- and seeing her apply it successfully in the next possession…our practices are filled with these moments. My players are eager listeners and are very receptive to feedback. For 2 hours, 6 days a week, we work hard, get better, and have fun.

What’s the next big date on the radar? Nov. 15th– GAME DAY!


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