Friday Night Lights


By: Nat St. Laurent
Assistant Men’s Lacrosse Coach

One of our goal celerations

This past Friday night, I was fortunate enough to be part of the 26th Annual Lee-Jackson Lacrosse Classic.  It was a great atmosphere on Wilson Field as we were able to play in front of an outstanding crowd that was there not only to watch a lacrosse game, but also to raise money for the local Special Olympics chapter and raise awareness and support for child cancer.  In the early stages of the game I started getting the feeling that this was going to be another knock down drag out Lee-Jackson Lacrosse Classic.  We held a small lead after the first quarter and then in the second quarter, our Generals exploded to score eleven goals in the quarter to take a 16-3 halftime lead.  In nine years of coaching college lacrosse I have never been in a game where we were that efficient in executing our game plan.  We went on to celebrate another Generals victory in the Lee-Jackson Classic.

The victory was a complete team effort.  I was very impressed in how engaged and dialed in our team was as soon as we took the field for warm ups.  There is something about being a part of the Lee-Jackson game that brings an extra amount of intensity and emotions.  In fact, I remember after a few of our goals the players on the sidelines were celebrating so much that a small mosh pit broke out!  It was great to see teammates supporting each other so much during the game.

Winning the Lee-Jackson Classic is a great way to end the fall season.  We should be proud of the men in Blue and White as they brought their A-game for sure!  Though we played well and dominated the game, there is a lot of work to be done in order to achieve the kind of season we all hope to have.


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